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A little photo dump- I was feeling good in my post baby body ????????
06/09/2021 05:07
Growing you, Knowing you, and Loving you has been the absolute privilege of my life. I spent the first of many mothers days to come holding you tight in my arms. To my mother @tonic_18 , and all of the mothers in my life- thank you for showing me the ropes. A mothers love is unmatched. ???????? #happymothersday
05/10/2021 05:35
Bliss ????????
05/03/2021 06:15
It’s so important to take time for yourself, even if it’s only a few minutes out of the day. I try to carve out 5 minutes of the morning for a ‘wake me up’ facial massage - not only does it improve the elasticity of my skin, but it is a massive mood booster! ???? For the real deal of facial massages check out @makiryoke (I fall asleep every time she gets a hold of my face- best in the biz!) Incase you guys a wandering I’m using the facial massager from @esteelauder #facial #selfcare #loveyourself #esteelauder #esteemodel
04/29/2021 06:18
Sunday sunsets ????
04/26/2021 07:34
So honored to be a part of #THECHANELBOOK created by @vmagazine and @inezandvinoodh - in partnership with @chanelofficial Thank you so much for having me! ???? Order the beautiful hardbound book at now! — Photography by #InezandVinoodh Casting by @itboygregk ( @gkldprojects ) Makeup by @fulviafarolfi (@bryanbantryagency ) Hair by @ward_s_official ( @thewallgroup) Manicure by @megumiyamamotonyc (@susanpricenyc I’m wearing the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2021 Ready-To-Wear Collection #CHANELSpringSummer #Chanel
04/15/2021 07:21
Where’s Waldo ????????
04/13/2021 09:17
Because I did my makeup for the first time in a long time???????? What’s your favorite go to look? And can someone please give me instructions on symmetric eyeliner that doesn’t involve me putting it on and taking it off 10000x ????
04/08/2021 07:14
Captured at 6.5 months pregnant; I can’t believe how fast time has passed???? After a wonderful day on set with @maxpapendieck he offered to take a few maternity pictures for me. This was the first time I was really photographed pregnant, and what an emotion and beautiful moment it was. Thank you Max for this forever treasure ☺️❤️
04/08/2021 12:19
I write this teary eyed; with a smile from ear to ear. Today we announce our little man to the world... world meet Noah. I kept private about the pregnancy because I wasn’t ready to share him with the world just yet; my best kept secret. My husband and I really just wanted to live in those precious moments and give our unborn baby the love and attention he needed to grow without outside eyes or expectations. Just us. And it was absolutely beautiful. When I received the call for the Mother’s Day campaign with @victoriassecret I couldn’t believe they wanted to shoot me 9 months pregnant. During the interview of the campaign I cried and that’s when it really hit me- he was on his way. After 9 months of carrying him around in my belly I was finally going to hold him in my arms, look into his eyes, and hold his little hands. My life was about to change forever. I was going to be a mom; and there would be Mother’s Day cards, drawings on the fridge, crayon marks on the walls, dinosaur bandaids, and so many more treasures... Sure enough as soon as I arrived on set I started having contractions, they were 10 minutes apart and by 5pm the next day Nico and I checked into the hospital where our beautiful boy was born 18 hours later. I can’t explain what that moment feels like when you first see your child. The seconds it took for him to go from the doctors hands to my arms felt like ages. It was like the whole room fell silent and everything blurred expect my sons face and my breathing. In that moment my heart grew 6lb and 11oz. I pressed my cheek against his head and told him how proud I was of him, the journey was done and now that mommy had him in her arms he had nothing to worry about. I promised I would always be right by his side, to hold him when he felt weak, to guide him as he grew, to shower him with love and tenderness, to teach him to be kind, strong, and courageous, and most of all there would never come a day where he doubts how much I love him; for he will see, hear, and feel my unconditional and everlasting love every single day. We are so proud and so honored to be his parents❤️ Check out the full interview with @voguemagazine ????
04/06/2021 07:01
One year as a Krause, Happy Anniversary my love ❤️
03/20/2021 03:33
Morning stroll ????
03/08/2021 07:28

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