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I hadn’t wrote anything about what’s happening in the world just yet, mainly because I felt wrong in doing so. Only because I am an extremely privileged white woman. And I thought to myself how can I speak out on the behalf of someone who is fighting tooth and nail just live as an equal. I’m an extremely emotional and empathetic person. And I’m completely disgusted in the way a majority of the world views these riots and protests. Do you think these people really enjoy having these riots? There’s a chance that they will be shot or ran over, or trampled in a crowd trying to flee tear gas. It’s extremely dangerous, but there comes a point where you are too tired to stay silent. There are a mass amount of peaceful protests happening world wide as well. I can’t say what is wrong or right because so much wrong has been done to the African American community for way way too long. It’s embarrassing, the way we have treated these people. And I say we not because I’m a racist, but because I’m a white privileged woman. And regardless if I have personally done wrong, I’m still taking away another’s rights and recognition. Saying ‘I’m not a racist’ or ‘i love black people’ is not enough, in what world is that enough. Im so sorry to everyone suffering, having their lives and families stripped from their hand just because of the beautiful skin they were born in to. It’s not fair, it’s deeply and disturbingly wrong. The lack of compassion is the root of all of our problems as a society. If we could show gratitude and empathy to every person we passed on the street there wouldn’t be so much hate and resentment. How hard is it to show everyone equal judgement... to anyone who thinks about writing some negative comment, feel free to do so but just know this is why we are fighting the same fight for 400 years. Failure to acknowledge the truth. My love and prayers are with everyone ❤️ #blacklivesmatter
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05/07/2020 01:04
Sunshine is a warmth you can’t find anywhere else. I’m so grateful to be able to enjoy these beautiful surroundings ????
05/04/2020 09:30
Massimo Dutti ????????
05/03/2020 09:50
It's my honor to join @carineroitfeld and CR Runway in Fashion Unites, a global event with @amfAR against COVID-19. @DerekBlasberg YouTube’s Head of Fashion and Beauty will host the world’s first virtual fashion show which airs on today at 1:00 PM Los Angeles / 4:00 PM New York / 9:00 PM London / 10:00 PM Paris. The industry’s most powerful names will come together to bring an uplifting moment for everyone doing their part to stay home and to raise awareness for an important cause. For more info: #CRRunwayXamfAR #FashionUnites
05/01/2020 05:07
Incredibly honored to grace (no pun intended) the cover of @vmagazine .. The zoom call unveiling the covers with all of the other cover girls, was so so special. Just to see everyone and their reactions during this dull time was so nice to see. Thank you millions @vmagazine @inezandvinoodh ❤️❤️ ・・・ The next generation of supermodels is here! Next in our lineup of cover-stars is @lovegrace_e! The model appears on the cover of V125, lensed by @inezandvinoodh and styled by @georgecortina. When selecting Grace to be one of our 15 cover-stars, Inez & Vinoodh told V “Grace Elizabeth could be Lauren Bacall and Katherine Hepburn's love child. Where else would these magnificent cheekbones come from? but it's not just that, she comes with a collective model memory able to give you any mood or shape in a heartbeat.” First grasping fame as the face of @guess, Grace Elizabeth has skyrocketed her career to the forefront of fashion. When speaking to V about the current wave of next gen supermodels, Grace says “Models are no longer these distant superstars you see on magazines, we are our own brand. People want to know our personalities and hear our voice, so we have been given a chance to represent more than the item we have on, we get to represent our individuality. It’s all about love, acceptance, and the freedom to share with one another.” Head to the link in bio to pre-order now! — From #V125, our forthcoming Summer Issue, on newsstands May 7th! Model: @lovegrace_e (@nextmodels) Photography: @inezandvinoodh Fashion: @georgecortina Makeup: @dickpageface (@statementartists) Hair: @jamespecis (@bryantartists) Manicure: @riekookusa (@susanpricenyc) Grace Elizabeth wears earrings Clash de @cartier / bodysuit vintage @davidkomalondon from @cloakwardrobe — [Go to to read the full interview]
05/01/2020 04:17
4 ❤️ & ????
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Join me and V Magazine for a special V125 cover reveal this Thursday with photographers Inez and Vinoodh! Make sure you’re signed up for their newsletter to learn more about the event at the link in bio! @vmagazine @inezandvinoodh @dickpageface
04/28/2020 05:59
Leg circuit, I uploaded to tik tok! I’ll be uploading a few more workouts, healthy recipes/ what I eat in a day, me in my natural form ????, and Ofcourse Benji ???? So give it a peek! ❤️
04/26/2020 04:48
Joined tik tok today ???? Bare with me, I’m pretty crap when it comes to technology.... slide into the dm’s with content you guys want to see ❤️❤️
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Happy Earth day ???? Take a minute to appreciate this beautiful planet we call home????????
04/23/2020 06:37
Felt like a sunny selfie after today’s workout ???? Try it out and let me know what you think! Cardio Circuit 1: 40 seconds work/ 20 seconds rest - Jumping jacks - High knees - Plank jacks - Squat jumps - Skaters Repeat once more Cardio Circuit 2: 40 seconds work/ 20 seconds rest - mountain climbers - Shuffle squats - Jump rope - Army pushups - Inch worms Repeat once more Strength Circuit : Go through as many sets per circuit as you can in 7 minutes and then restart the timer and move on to the next circuit Circuit 1 20 reverse lunges 12 sumo squats 12 lateral step squats (6 each side) 10 Romanian deadlift Circuit 2 12 glute bridge 20seconds glute bridge hold 20 glute bridge marches (hold the bride and march your feet up and down) 12 per side clamshells Circuit 3: 20sec plank hold 20 Plank shoulder taps 15 leg lifts 10 slow bicycle crunches, 10 fast 20 plank rocks 10 plank glute lifts Circuit 4: 10 Girl push-up 20 squats 20 walking lunges 20 crunches 20s vsit hold
04/21/2020 09:45