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Just beachy baby ✨???? @codymcgibbon
03/26/2021 03:42
Alexa, play Fighter by @xtina
03/21/2021 02:01
I’m a big mix. On my dad’s side, mainly Filipino with Spanish Hawaiian and Chinese on his moms side and Scottish, Irish, Cherokee on his dads & my mom is Irish and Italian. The hate and violence towards the Asian Community is absolutely heartbreaking and brings about many different emotions- including anger and frustration. We should all be angry. These are HATE CRIMES. Let’s call it what it is. I’ve been posting resources and different ways to get involved, but the bottom line is we need action and change. Being a quarter Filipina but “white passing” I’ve been privileged and have not had to be fearful because of what I look like. Typing that out makes me feel sick to my stomach that this is a reality for many including some of my family members. I have had many conversations with people who can relate, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak out. You should ALWAYS speak out and up for the things you believe in- whether they’re close to home or not. This all hits very close to home for me and breaks my heart to see how much hate, violence and pure ignorance is taking place. For all of those who have been speaking out on this, using your voices and platforms, thank you. Although sickening, it is bringing about much needed change and conversation that needs to be had. #stopasianhate is as simple as that. Check on your friends, family and loved ones in the Asian Community, start conversation- be apart of the change. I am here and stand in solidarity with you all. Less hate and violence, more love and kindness ❤️
03/20/2021 12:21
Like this except I’m on my couch in sweats ... ????????‍♀️
03/17/2021 01:28
she said: freckles ????
03/14/2021 04:08
Rainy day but mentally here ????☀️ #siswimsearch2021 #siswim21 #feelgoodfuel @si_swimsuit @si_swimsearch @mj_day @hillarydrezner_siswim @darcieburroughs @ja_neyney @sevaneveritt @jo.giunta @margotzamet @hardrockhotels
03/10/2021 11:54
Lemme update ya ???? fresh digis @onemanagementla @onemanagementchicago
03/09/2021 10:59
Happy International Women’s Day!!!LET’S GO GIRLS. here’s some of my favorites...???????????????? #internationalwomensday
03/08/2021 10:00
@codymcgibbon caught me catchin a vibe ✨
03/08/2021 02:46
Filters.. they’re fun, they’re cute, and they give a nice glow BUT I’ve also seen some that make you look like a completely different person. Having social media and a platform, I feel it’s a responsibility many of us have to also show the real side behind the filters and glam. So many young girls and women compare themselves to the airbrushed, poreless, cellulite & stretch mark free images plastered all over social media and feel inadequate or less than. Glam and filters are fun- but let’s also celebrate natural beauty and the things that make us unique, beautiful and human. Cellulite and stretch marks on a body carrying you every day through this life, wrinkles and laugh lines from enjoying ourselves, makeup free skin because THATS just as beautiful, acne and breakouts because we are HUMAN and that shit happens. To the younger girls and to all the women who follow me, you don’t need to look airbrushed, contoured or snatched to be beautiful. Filter on, but please do so responsibly for the people looking up to you. ❤️ #filters #facefilter #instagram #beauty #selflove #owningyouryou #siswimsearch2021 #siswim21 @si_swimsearch @si_swimsuit @mj_day @darcieburroughs @ja_neyney @hillarydrezner_siswim @sevaneveritt @jo.giunta @margotzamet
03/05/2021 05:17
Women’s History Month! This month is all about honoring women and all the strong women who have come before us. Being a strong woman isn’t just physical strength, but more about WHAT makes you a strong woman. I’m #stronglikeawoman because of all the strong women I have been surrounded by who have led by example and shown me what it means to be strong, the strongest being my mama. I am a strong woman who feels things deeply, and loves passionately and whole heartedly. I am a strong woman who stands up for others just as much as I do for myself. I am a strong woman who has been through dark days and been thrown various curve balls, but has gotten up stronger and wiser. I am a strong woman who cries, who has my moments of WTF and insecurity BUT I allow myself to feel, and that in itself takes strength. I am a strong woman who leads with kindness but has no problem throwing down for my people and anyone that needs it. I am a strong woman because of my life experiences, good and bad that have brought me to where I am today. Cheers to being strong women, raising strong women, and surrounding ourselves with strong women. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED @si_swimsuit ????????✨???? - next up, I nominate some other strong, bad ass individuals who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know @jessicaxcraft @summerdoingthings @erin_rowbotham ????✨ #StrongLikeAWoman #siswim21 #siswimsearch2021 @hardrockhotels @si_swimsuit @si_swimsearch @mj_day @darcieburroughs @sevaneveritt @hillarydrezner_siswim @ja_neyney @jo.giunta @margotzamet
03/02/2021 05:49
Sisters are here ????
02/27/2021 10:40

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