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I just can’t clean the pool in peace
11/27/2020 10:33
So, tell does this picture make you feel? Feels exactly the way my feelings feel.
11/21/2020 01:47
There in fact is a reason I took these pics at the laundromat (had to realllly google how to spell that) (but I am guilty of running into a laundromat in lingerie and shooting and running away) SO STORY TIME my perfect sweet dog Nala never had accidents. I go lay on my bed (shout out new @parachutehome sheets, got for my bday) and I’m like WUT IS THAT SMELL AND FEELING ON MY BODY - @nalabobala_ had, indeed, diarrhea-d all over my fresh bed. And I was layin in it. ???? of course I run screaming into shower fully clothed. Anyway I go and put the poop comforter in the washer, along with my poopy clothes and guess what?! The washer decided to break that day! (New one won’t come till Jan 4 so you’ll be seein me at the laundromat a lot now ????) I was so pissed I decided to get cute and girly and go wash things. And now that I’m typing all this wow I wonder what other gross things people wash in the public laundry. Also, this place was epic on Yelp, they have arcade games and a bar, of course closed cause apocalypse. But still. Cool. The end!
11/20/2020 05:13
Who likes fruit
11/17/2020 07:00
LET ME LIVE AND POST NICE PICS OF ME THAT ARE NICE! Hahah me ranting at my phone and followers to let me post semi wholesome photos :) does anyone ever wonder if their grandma follows and you don’t know? My grandma is called Beppe from Holland. Hope she doesn’t follow me. She would pinch my neck.
11/17/2020 06:58
Have you ever met my dog Nala? @nalabobala_ I’m really mad everyone names their dog Nala but they don’t even know what movie the name is from. I have a friggen Mickey Mouse on the palm of my hand, my Nala is the real Nala. Even tho she looks nothing like Nala. Anyway just lookin thru my cam roll and saw this and know I’ll never see them again if they don’t live on my Insta. Other fun facts are Nala hates cuddles and love
11/16/2020 07:21
DID YOU KNOW it’s Friday the 13th?? Today makes a lot more sense now. The full spread of photos and video of this look are avail on my site now, linkolnnnbio! What are your Friday plans? I’ve been on a chill kick and we are going back into 4 week lock down. More Harry Potter, anyone?
11/14/2020 04:33
The only reason I laughed was because I was trying to withhold a sneezle. Didn’t work. “ARE WE DONE YET?!” - me yelling to the sneezes while I was trying to take hot pic
11/13/2020 01:15
Done asking anyone to take pics of me
11/12/2020 02:36
11/12/2020 01:18
Hey y’all wtfrick is up I am eating sushi ???? rolls while painting and watching the new mandalorian ep. Why am I posting this? Just wanted a pic like this gracing my feed
11/10/2020 06:39
These engagement ring stories are getting out of hand...
11/03/2020 06:22

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