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Christmas gifts to me. New phone, new mask! ????
01/06/2021 05:00
To anyone who’s been told that you “can’t”. 2021 is the year of my directorial debut, in which I also star, and I can’t wait to share this labor of love! #BruisedTheMovie @neeshnation @eb_method @peterleethomas @87elevenaction @egt239 @michellerosenfarb @netflix @ufc @danawhite (???? @fullerframes, ???? @korynhawthorne)
01/03/2021 04:10
Never met a #NewYearsDay I didn’t like.
01/02/2021 01:40
I accept the @respin #NewYearsEveChallenge started by @iamlindsayflores - enjoy your #NewYearsEve everybody… Get your life! @kevinhart4real @gabunion @dnice @leynabloom @tarajiphenson I wanna know how y’all are loungin today ???? ???? #RespinByHalleBerry
01/01/2021 02:17
R.I.P. 2020
12/31/2020 08:45
Behind every successful woman is herself. ✨
12/31/2020 03:20
Say THAT. To every woman who needs to hear this today, we LOVE you. #TellYourDaddy
12/30/2020 09:16
Here’s looking at you everyone. Merry Christmas! ????
12/26/2020 12:43
A break from the festivities for a quick #TBT to last week when I was still in #MTL working on #Moonfall! Anyone in or near Montreal GO GET THIS - @cunninghamspub I’ll see you again soon! ???? ????
12/25/2020 03:29
Little known fact about me - I LOVE crafts, especially this time of year, and I’m obsessed with #GiftWrapping. Run out of gift wrapping paper on #ChristmasEve? Take a breath, don’t sweat it, I have the #DIY answer for you. Collaging with old magazines can help you create a truly magical situation under the tree. Head to my stories to see how! ????????✨
12/24/2020 09:32
Our goddamn #ElfOnAShelf family is as mad about 2020 as everybody else! ????????#TisTheSeasonToBeNaughty
12/23/2020 12:30
Kids always see the magic ✨
12/22/2020 02:05

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