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Happy first day of summer! ???? The sun keeps rising and the nights get brighter????✨, after this long dark seemingly endless winter ????????????????????????‍♀️✨Every day is an Earth day ????❤️
04/23/2020 07:26
Trying to take a photo with mum, on our walk, whilst social distancing ourselves. Man.
04/05/2020 08:21
pink in blue
03/30/2020 06:18
Socialising with the approved gap between us
03/23/2020 05:07
Beauty in Covid-19 times
03/20/2020 09:10
From the slow post movement... Thank you so much @acnestudios for having me for your beautiful show in Paris. The collection was stunning and so lovely to see everyone and spend the weekend ???????????? till the next time!
02/10/2020 11:30
❤️ The best and the only really creative cinema in Iceland (and by that I mean the only cinema in Iceland that always shows and supports independent films, not just blockbusters, films from all kinds of cultures in all kinds of languages, Icelandic ones, old ones, hosts film festivals, is also a community hang out place down town for locals, and they keep disappearing, sells more than just candy and sodas but you can have a glass of wine or beer and hang out in the second hand sofas or chat in the table seating area, listen to music, since they often bring in people playing music or DJ’s for special occasions, but in short are just a really good cinema with huge respect for films) is closing because of raised rental price in the area. The space itself is hard to convert to something else, and would be very expensive, so they’ve been let to stay there for a humane price for some years by the owners (who are investors who own a lot of property in Iceland to put it simply) but now that time is over and rent will be tripled. Which supports no work like this, where the aim isn’t to make a lot of money, but maybe another hotel? I’m posting this because it would really sadden me to see this go and I know many people. It’s part of our culture (me and a friend, and more, even worked there when the cinema was called The Rainbow when we were teens). Plus the cinema has never been run as well, as creatively and with as many people attending. So I urge you to share this and show up to screenings and share your feelings on this. There is The French Film Festival on there now and the cinema will be running till the 1st of May. It is very popular so no need to really tell people to go, but the more people take initiative and show up the stronger the message. Hopefully we can inspire people with means to help, and our government too, to support this cultural gem and an authentic place for people to come together. ❤️ Please share. ???? #savebioparadis
01/31/2020 05:30
Happy New Year! Intend to say that all year so never too late. ✨????????????????????????????????????✨
01/13/2020 04:50
01/05/2020 05:53
01/05/2020 05:37
So many good moments this year ????
12/30/2019 05:04
These days are so beautiful ✨ celebrating the rising of the light ✨Merry Christmas everybody ????????????????????
12/26/2019 06:36