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The dragon in Iceland has finally come out after stirring for a while now.
03/20/2021 03:30
02/27/2021 03:57
02/17/2021 07:25
Since it is ✨Jihae’s birthday✨ I was going through old photos and found this lovely bunch. Great times had with these beautiful people of Mortal Engines (missing parts of our team of course) ????
02/08/2021 01:56
Photo by @jonatangretarsson, thank you for the birthday wishes last month ✨❄️✨
01/14/2021 09:59
Beauty (and some moody faces) ❄️
01/10/2021 12:25
I am borrowing these words from @realalfrewoodard and join her in them : I celebrate the beauty and resilience of You, Trans Community. Your countless creative, cultural and civic contributions lift our every days. I weep for the 350 transgender lives that have been stolen this year. This week I am thinking deeper about how I can support our trans community, every week. Join me. Trans day of remembrance is November 20th. ????Love to you. #transisbeautiful #TDOR #transawarenessweek
11/20/2020 01:09
These days. Still here ????
11/11/2020 04:30
Happy birthday yesterday to the beautiful, amazing, inspiring, soulful, woman @realalfrewoodard ???? Love you and thank you for all the goodness, inspiration, food, drinks, laughing and loving ✨????????????
11/09/2020 10:52
Congratulations to America and the whole world! ❤️ it is easier to breathe now ???? I know this is not what all American’s voted for and it saddens me that the country is so divided. It is not a good feeling to lose what you believe in, I understand that. But it is what the majority voted for. And that is democracy. Thankfully we have democracy. • I happen to be happy to not have the current president for the next 4 years. That is why I breathe better. I don’t stand for what he represents, does and says at all. No one is perfect, or stands for everything you want, and there is good in most people I believe, but this man stands for too many things that are in my opinion frankly dangerous, disrespectful, hateful and unlawful. His behaviour affects all of us, whether in the USA or anywhere else in the world. We are all connected and we all live on the same planet, on the same shared soil. • I want to live in a world that respects democracy, where people can speak their voice, in a safe manner and their voice matters, where we take care of each other, fellow countrymen and neighbours, no matter the colour of our skin or background, and not live in fear, where we protect our environment for future generations, where we work for equality instead of making the gap between the richest and the poorest bigger, men and women, people of all colours, sexuality and gender, left and right, us and them, and where leaders work at uniting us for the greater good rather than separate us for the greater divide and the benefit of few. • Lets make that world together, whether you voted for this president or the other, whether you voted or not, if your nationality is this or that, whether you are blue or red, black or white, female, male or anything else, lets work to make a world that supports life and unity. • I am also happy to see a woman there for the first time in history. And a woman of colour. That sets an example for future generations. Imagine how many more great presidential options we’ll have if we include the other half (well much more than half, including colour, background, age, gender etc.) of the human race ❤️
11/08/2020 01:03
????????‍♀️✨happy new year friend
10/25/2020 12:21
Happy first day of summer! ???? The sun keeps rising and the nights get brighter????✨, after this long dark seemingly endless winter ????????????????????????‍♀️✨Every day is an Earth day ????❤️
04/23/2020 07:26

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