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somebody get the poopourri bc here’s another dump. anyway, 2 (TWO!!) new episodes of #Manifest tonight back to back. 8pm on NBC ????
04/30/2021 01:05
city girls make em wish like ray j. let me talk to em ????
04/25/2021 10:01
baby’s first dump ???????? (of photos) & new episode of #manifest tonight at 8!!!
04/23/2021 02:48
NBC’s newest detective duo. new episode of #manifest tonight at 8 ✈️
04/16/2021 12:46
please watch #manifest tonight at 8 so i didn’t have to wear this for nothing. thanks
04/09/2021 01:17
update: smol girl is still in big window, but this time as the cover story for @the.baremag . click the link in my bio to get me out of the window and read the interview ???? hair/makeup/photography by the awesome @tina_turnbow ????
04/04/2021 02:26
smol girl big window
03/15/2021 10:14
april 1st at 8pm on @nbc ???? #manifest
03/08/2021 10:22
this time last year????
02/27/2021 10:49
why does it feel less narcissistic with random pictures in between
02/16/2021 04:56
happy 7th birthday to my best friend. i love you♥️
01/16/2021 07:01
wowee as of tn i can no longer use the excuse “i can’t i have homework”!!! there’s 90% of my personality GONZO . when i first started college online i was miserable. despite being an honor student, in every club imaginable, and 4.0 in high school, no college would let me attend with my acting schedule. Kean’s RBSD was the only school to take a chance on me and now i’m a first gen, summa cum laude graduate all while working full time on set and never handing in an assignment late (but go off every other school????) anyway!! im so thankful for the relationships and experiences i gained at kean and can’t believe this chapter of my life is coming to a close. if anyone wants to check out my final advertising design portfolio linked at feel free. we worked so hard this semester and all online, but we did that ???? and that’s the end of my speech. if u made it this far, im honestly sorry wont happen again. maybe
12/18/2020 06:14

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