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@jentioseco @dimitrishair @sydneylopez always doing the best ????
11/16/2022 03:35
a year w/ u ???? life ain’t too shabby
09/19/2022 11:53
tomorrow! ✨
09/15/2022 11:50
Featuring this wall on my insta recently and not my cats. Thx Jen for being adamant about documenting me leaving my house. AND with makeup on!?! Who is she!!!Pic and edit of once brown wall to white wall: Jen makeup: @jentioseco aka Jenhair: @rena.calhoun aka who did my fab haircut and this fab style hehe
09/02/2022 10:05
Season 2 ✨ September 16th!
08/23/2022 07:19
Finally over the jet lag so here’s my little weekend recap. Such a lovely time meeting all of you LOVELY people! Thank you @dreamitcon & boy, did we ever. (3rd slide for some dreamers, dreaming it)
07/13/2022 08:47
here if ya need us
06/11/2022 09:00
fl sun shall age me early BUT MAKE ME LIVE FOREVER AMEN
06/09/2022 05:05
how is it almost june
05/21/2022 11:25
Found these little guys in a shed the other night starving, full of flees, and without mom. Why I was in a shed you might ask? We will get to that another time. But all that matters is they are now fed, and after they made a little visit to the good ol’ vet-a-roo (They rode shotgun. I mean what kind of person would make them drive themselves there in that condition?) they are now flee free. Sooner or later I’ll be on my front porch, teary-eyed, waving to them as they make their big trek to law school. Once orphans, now… scholars. Happy belated Mother’s Day to me. (2 found homes and 3 are being adopted oh so soon… potentially by me lollll ????)
05/13/2022 09:46

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