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Exactly what I needed????
01/09/2023 02:19
“I’m just so happy that I can stand in my truth and do something that I believe in.”Acclaimed actress, author, and activist @aliciasilverstone has been speaking up for animals since she was a teenager! ???????????? We are honored and grateful to spotlight her in a feature shot by renowned photographer @alexilubomirski for the upcoming edition of #CompassionateLivingMagazine. ????✨️Wardrobe by @csiriano @minkshoesMakeup by @christopherardoffHair by @kenna_hair_Photographed at @bathhousestudiosProduced by @emilyjeanullrich1st Photo Assistant: @maxbernetz2nd Photo Assistant: @tommaltbiephotoDigital Tech: @diegobendezu#aliciasilverstone #compassionateliving #vegancelebs #vegansofig #veganfoetheanimals #saveanimals
01/04/2023 05:44
I have NEVER been naked in TV or film—find out why I bared it all for @peta recently. ????
12/30/2022 02:05
You know you're out of your element when the only vegetable you can find is in one of these! This was from Round Top in Texas and I was desperately on the hunt for vegetables. Any vegetable! So I eventually had to settle for a Bloody Mary… but I wasn't mad at it... a drink and some veggies!? Two for the price of one! ???? Nevermind it was 9am????‍♀️????
12/15/2022 05:38
I had a really good time trying this face workout with @emface! It’s so simple… only 20 minutes per session, 100% natural, and #needlefree!#emface#emfacethenation#emfacepartner@btlaesthetics@drbriankinney
11/28/2022 11:45
Well if you know me at all by now... you know that I love me some Christian Siriano! ❤️ He is fun, sweet, hilarious, the best dance partner ever, has a huge heart, he's an amazing travel buddy that is so loving and so generous to all of his friends! He is just a little bunny????.. a really sweet little bunny who also happens to be a fierce monkey, too! ???????? Oh! And did I mention extraordinarily talented?? Like beyond, beyond, beyond! I am always inspired, always excited, and always down to play with this one whenever he wants. It's near impossible to say no to him. I’ll pretty much do anything he asks... and gladly! ????Happy Birthday @Csiriano! ???????? I love you.
11/19/2022 12:10
I found Bear making this before bed snack. Tomatoes I had picked from the garden…. marinated artichoke hearts, and he drizzled balsamic and olive oil onto his avocado. is this normal?! Such a foodie. ????????????
11/14/2022 01:16
Puppy love! ????????
11/03/2022 05:08
Good morning cutie! ????
10/21/2022 03:20
10/12/2022 05:13

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