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Fart Park. @ijessewilliams deserves an Oscar for this performance! Season 5 of #InsideAmySchumer is now streaming on @paramountplus.
01/14/2023 02:30
Happy birthday to my husband. Chris. I can stand you. Please keep standing me.
01/03/2023 05:15
I have a featured guest role in a new series of animated shorts on @PBSKids called "City Island." In episode 7 ("World") I voice Terra... the Earth! Terra teaches the main characters that the world is much bigger than their school, their neighborhood, and even their home of City Island.City Island was produced by my friends at @futurebrainmedia @danpowell2000. You can watch @cityislandpbs on @pbskids and the PBS KIDS app!
12/27/2022 05:41
Romantic stroll
12/24/2022 04:01
This trial is about to begin Jerry Jones want to SAY HER NAME. Also not one black juror? ATATIANA JEFFERSONRepost from @thefakepan
12/04/2022 07:43
11/29/2022 06:41
Loved every moment of @absinthe_vegas if you find yourself in Vegas and want to enjoy an hour and a half of your life go see this show. Gives you that feeling where you know it’s safe but changes your life forever and everyone leaves a sex icon. This show is perfect.
11/18/2022 08:12
11/13/2022 07:48
Keep your anti-Semitic comments to yourself. Visit to learn more. #InsideAmySchumer @mrchrisparnell is a legend also @adl_national for more info
10/13/2022 09:43
Streaming October 20th on @paramountplus @insideamyschumer
10/06/2022 09:41

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