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Who says boys don’t cry?
01/29/2022 03:54
After 10 years of a lot of work, a lot of numbers and charts. I got to the conclusion that success is not about being the most, the biggest, the #1, the top bla bla bla... (even though I still have this bunch of things). Is about being happy with what you do. Is about being able to do everything you want exactly the way you always dreamed about. Today you guys can watch the result of something I really dreamed about doing my whole life as an artist. There are many thanks over here I gotta spread that made this possible. My entire gratitude to @theramiyacoub @burnsmusic @seandouglas @bibibourelly @brandonsilv @officialkukharrell @felipebritto @christhedirector @sitabellan @jesushair @ltorresbeauty
01/28/2022 07:54
Out Now
01/28/2022 03:04
Countdown - in 1 hour BOYS DON’T CRY
01/27/2022 11:11
BOYS DON’T CRY tonight 7pm EST
01/27/2022 09:55
BOYS DON'T CRY Song out this Thursday 7pm EST Vídeo out this Friday 2pm EST
01/27/2022 02:54
Boys Don’t Cry is coming! ????
01/26/2022 05:00
Are you ready for BOYS DON’T CRY ? This friday
01/25/2022 10:35
Who says BOYS DON’T CRY ? - 3 days
01/25/2022 05:00
Que noite, meu Deus, que noite! Apenas OBRIGADA @ensaiosdaanitta
01/24/2022 07:55

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