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The Terminator ????????‍???????? America’s Chief Pollution TerminatorGreat to join the Austrian World Summit in Vienna this week for a powerful conversation on our work to combat climate change and pollution.
06/17/2022 06:24
You inspire me, Kevin! Repost from @espn•Kevin Cantrell ???? 500-pound club @specialolympics
06/08/2022 06:14
My friends and I play a game called “wann und wo”, or “when and where?” Someone shares a photo and we guess without googling. So let me ask you, wann und wo?
05/21/2022 07:52
I’m so proud of you, everyone tune in! Repost from @patrickschwarzenegger • The Staircase. Out Now. Can’t say enough about this man. Colin Firth is brilliant in this project. More importantly he’s one of the kindest humans I’ve ever met. On & off screen. I was extremely excited- yet quite nervous when I got this project. Working opposite him & so many other award winning actors/ actresses I wasn’t sure what It would be like. Toni collete, Michael Stuhlbarg, Parker Posey, list goes on & on. Colin spent time with me prior to day 1. Creating a father son bond. Made the shoot so much fun, and created a masterclass for a student like myself. @danedehaan similarly became a close friend. Forming a brotherly bond. Dragging me to frisbee golf. Teaching me what glasses are cool. Brilliant actor & kindest human. Great one to be able to learn from as well. My other siblings in the show are the talented @sophiet @olivia_dejonge @odessayounggirl89 . Brilliant actresses & wonderful humans. Responsible for dragging me to the dance floor & making me show off my moves. The shoot was long. Emotional. Challenging. But man did we have fun. Blessed to be able to work on this and forever in debt to @hbomax Maggie Cohen @antoniocampos1 for believing in me & challenging me & for putting together a Badass projects. Love you. If you have a few hours of free time this weekend (i know you do) check It out . La Familia
05/06/2022 02:35
Eddie Giuliani was one of my favorite training partners - so knowledgeable about training and hilarious and kind. I loved watching him become a successful trainer and inspiring others. I’ll miss Eddie, but I’m so grateful he was part of my life and he’ll always be here with me.
05/04/2022 09:35
04/28/2022 10:46
LAST CHANCE to win the Dream House in Lake Tahoe or $3M cash. You’ll get a chef’s kitchen, heated rooftop deck and your own home theater! Best part, donations will support @afterschoolallstars, so enter through the link in my bio or head to #omaze
04/15/2022 12:23
My newsletter is out today! Subscribe at the link in my bio for some motivation, vegan recipes, and puppy wrestling ????
04/09/2022 08:01
Having a good time today
03/30/2022 10:02
I love the Russian people. That’s why I have to tell you the truth. @attndotcom
03/17/2022 03:11

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