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Some magic created by @livkhoury & @paulkhoury ????
07/31/2022 11:42
Baby Khoury coming soon...
07/20/2022 03:31
I couldn't ask for anything more. You've given it all to me and I'm so grateful I get to walk through life with my best friend. It has already been such an adventure with you and we're about to embark on the biggest chapter yet! Best is yet to come baby. #4years #soulmate #happyanniversary
07/06/2022 09:24
???? thankful ????
06/25/2022 03:35
Apologies for the bump overload .... We just cant wait to meet the babe. Also... this dress ???? #babyontheway ???? @paulkhoury
06/10/2022 03:09
Twilight Tuesday is here! On this weeks episode of The Twilight Effect we have the inventor of the term “twihard” himself, Michael Welch. We can finally ask the question.. anyone team Mike out there? @michaelwelchact Watch us on YouTube or listen on Apple podcasts/Spotify. Make sure you comment and rate the show, it means so much to me! #twilight #newmoon
05/25/2022 04:34
Already planning my return to Paris with BeBe ✨ one thing I'm truly excited about is being able to share the world with my child and begin to see things through their eyes. What's your favorite thing your child has taught you? Give me all your tips #motherhood #parenting
05/19/2022 12:49
Twilight Tuesday! A new episode of The Twilight Effect is out now with Billy Burke, aka Charlie Swan! I love this story. Comment your favorite part from the episode! Watch us on YouTube or listen on Apple podcasts/Spotify! Keep those comments and reviews coming. They mean so much to me! #twilight #billyburke #charlieswan
05/18/2022 02:50
I don't know that I ever fully shared my office after @mp_james_design got ahold of it! I'm still obsessed and I can't wait to move on to the nursery ???? what do you guys think? What's your favorite element? I'm torn between the custom chair and the wallpaper #officedesign #mpjamesdesign
05/17/2022 06:11
@thepadproject #thepadprojectgala
05/13/2022 05:40

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