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Family ❤️❤️❤️ HBD @funnyasiandude
06/12/2022 12:59
???????????? @emilychengmakeup @ericka_verrett @ecduzit @dereklam @norafromqueens
05/18/2022 01:29
WE’RE BACK ???????????? @norafromqueens
05/13/2022 01:02
05/05/2022 07:48
Quite the night ❤️ #metgala @gucci @alessandro_michele @lorencanbymakeup @anthonycampbellhair @thuybnguyen @ecduzit @maddielouviere
05/03/2022 07:29
THATS A WRAAAAAAAAP rg: @officialuniversalmonsters Wanna thank our hardworking crew and our two leading men @nicholashoult and #NicolasCage - our fearless leader @chrismckay_director and our incomparable executive producer @samanthanis @universalpictures Also the legends: @rejectedjokes @saghdashloo @tasteofadrian This was one of the most intense shoots of my life, but I know people are gonna freak when they see what we have all done. I’m so proud, so happy and so happy WE FINISHED!
04/14/2022 07:06
Almost 6 years ago, right before shooting Oceans 8. Hope this inspires anyone who ever feels like they’re not good enough or anyone who feels scared of what’s to come. The curse and blessing is we’ll never know ❤️ And most important, don’t ever let anyone tell you who you are.
03/13/2022 05:41
Mood @norafromqueens ???? @casi.moss
03/12/2022 10:25
Good morning tbt ???? @casi.moss
01/13/2022 09:24
Hope 2022 brings more of whatever the hell this is
01/02/2022 03:00

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