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#workfamilylove We are already causing trouble ???? ????????@leverageredemption #BTS working with the girls tonight. This ep @therealnoahwyle is crushing the writing, directing and …photobombing ???? #leverageredemption @amazonstudios
04/22/2022 06:18
@inspeklee @midlakeband
02/18/2022 07:14
@realjonfletcher your writing brought all of us together. We are in awe of you and your talent, thank you for creating a world for us to play in.❤️#indiefilmmaking RePosted • @realjonfletcher You would not believe what we pulled off this week. We made something really special with some really special people. I cannot even begin to show my gratitude and love to all of these amazing artists that came together to pull this thing off in an insane amount of time. Thank you to all of you who made this possible. I am so full of love for who helped us bring our vision to life. I am in your debt. A big shoutout and thank you to @sojournselect without whom none of this would have been possible. I cannot recommend them and their beautiful space more. They are the most generous and kind people I have ever met. So inspired and in awe of my love @bethriesgraf and all she achieved this week and the few before. You’re incredible. @ameliepimont I mean, I know you hate this stuff, but damn… you’re incredible. Thank you. @darwinius my brother, you are a rockstar and what a gift this was to do with you. To all our cast and crew, thank you for being so passionate and dedicated to the project. We are so grateful and in awe of you all. “Alright… what happens next?” **************** @ameliepimont @tmex @darwinius @zakmoses @willthehawkes @davidconnell55 @garylcamp @oliviasegarra #jesusYanez @_christinemouton_ #EverdRijzewik @aleyse.shannon @russbain1 @jessicavergon @alex_iseri @biancacristovao @sircraigfrank @hmagnus @thejeespot @thedenaboy @bravethereal @lukewynn_ @evidencecameras @sojournselect @electricentertainmentofficial @bgonosey @visualeef
01/29/2022 09:07
Working on something exciting. It’s gonna be a fun one to direct! Thank you @evidencecameras @thedenaboy @svstudiosla #indiefilm
01/16/2022 10:20
Dance partners for L????FE @mercedeshelnwein Repost• @mercedeshelnwein Bye 2021 “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” by @smashingpumpkins
01/02/2022 08:13
I was beyond excited when I found out I was going to direct the @leverageredemption holiday themed episode. I loved every second of it. Enjoy #bts images from the shoot on my story ????❤️????✨
12/21/2021 02:15
Thank you to my classmates and everyone at @abelcine Nick, Gabe and the entire team were amazing. I am hooked! Bronze level #steadicam workshop complete! ✅ TY @realjonfletcher for supporting my passion always ❤️
12/15/2021 03:55
11/13/2021 11:26
11/11/2021 06:55
@ryx x @laphil
11/11/2021 11:01

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