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12/01/2023 10:47
11/25/2023 01:38
11/19/2023 03:53
Family time ????????????
10/28/2023 10:43
if you know where you stand, you don’t worry where you sit????
09/01/2023 12:49
Yours truly ???? // @briellebiermann
08/11/2023 09:21
New York was fun????????
07/29/2023 09:55
Bit of a personal post ???? All I’m gonna say is if you start to get lip filler… Go to someone who will tell you no ????????‍♀️ At that time in my life (on the left) I had too many chefs in the kitchen… I went to too many injectors, none of which would tell me no! I would be injected, get used to the new size of my lips, and then think I needed more ???? I still love some filler but listen to someone who went through it… Do not get overfilled! ????
06/16/2023 11:20
Show this video to your stylist for the perfect beige bronde ???????? @briellebiermann wearing @habithiddenextensions & @habithairx comfort wefts in Pecan Sandie & Boston Cream Pie! Get yours now at!
05/28/2023 06:52
if you knew what you had was rare, you’d never waste it????
05/16/2023 11:02

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