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Happy Holidays!! @diorbeauty #DiorHoliday #DreaminDior #ad
12/24/2021 09:51
Please donate if you can and share, let’s end this year making a difference
12/24/2021 05:08
#GIVE2GOMA (link in bio) On the 22nd of May, 2021 the Nyriagongo volcano erupted, in Goma, DR Congo, Africa. 25,000 people had their houses and their farms destroyed. Now most of them are living in makeshift tents in camps, with no electricity, very little food and not enough support; one camp with 10,000 people alone. The local government has identified 20 orphaned children, who need support and a home to live in. We are not only going to build them a home, but try to build as many homes for as many people in the camps as possible! Homes cost $8K all in with 2 bedrooms, furniture, solar electricity, showers, toilet and a living room. Let’s get as many people out of tents and into homes as possible. Thank you for supporting, we can make a difference, just share this and donate whatever you can ❤️ #GIVE2GOMA Big love to everyone involved so far @bellahadid @anwarspc @myaplanet9 @chakabars @vicmensa @ajamonet @tiffanyhaddish @chekothari @caradelevingne @kehlani @machelmontano @kerihilson itsjustajlove @lennykravitz ++
12/23/2021 08:04
On a grinch flex
12/21/2021 03:27
Ready for this holiday season? @DiorBeauty #DiorHoliday #DreaminDior #ad
12/20/2021 10:34
Last day today... done for the year. Please stay safe xxx
12/17/2021 10:47
12/08/2021 05:34
Shot in the dark
12/07/2021 07:08
I am in shock. My heart is broken. This man has done so much for so many people. He lived his life for creation and for others in so many ways. I only hope that with his decision to face this battle in private, that he felt and was surrounded by all the love that the world and the people close to him felt. You will never be forgotten and you will continue to inspire so many everyday. ????
11/29/2021 04:23
Deep breaths.
11/28/2021 04:34

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