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Who are you popping a bottle of @della_vite with for Thanksgiving?! ????❤️????
11/25/2021 10:33
I’m supporting @climatelive2021 who have just held youth-led concerts in 20+ countries to raise awareness of the challenges faced by those on the frontlines of ecological breakdown. They are asking world leaders at COP26 #CanYouHearUsYet? You can join them by signing their petition:
11/13/2021 11:56
Little black suit #CFDAawards
11/12/2021 03:26
When Tallulah from Bugsy Malone said: “I don’t remember names but I remember faces” She spoke for the entire film, theatre and fashion industries. Each a world where the face comes first. Also after this year and so many masks, we need faces more than ever. Sitting for a close up is an intimidating thing. Think of how many people you let this close to your face. This is the kind of proximity to a face that only moisturiser, lovers, pets or estheticians get. These brave few, sit where they cannot hide and they let us hover there and watch every movement. Tonight I feel most privileged to talk about a face this year that captivated the world not only by her unique beauty but by her ability to tell a story with every eyebrow, blink, twitch, smile, and most importantly a serene yet deadly stillness. After the extraordinary performance she gave this year, she is a not only a face to remember, but the name even Tallulah would never forget. I am so lucky to know the woman behind the face and her beauty radiates as brightly when your eyes are closed. I am proud to present the CFDA’s first-ever Face of the Year Award to the face that launched a thousand shipments of chess sets, Anya Taylor-Joy. @anyataylorjoy @cfda #cfdaawards @bfa
11/12/2021 01:54
Hardly a costume.
10/31/2021 10:29
10/31/2021 05:25
Who wants to lock up the ???? bags and save the planet?! ????‍♀️ Every copy of THE MOST IMPORTANT COMIC BOOK ON EARTH protects indigenous people's land and save species from extinction, forever, and it's out TODAY. Donate, share, comment, like…. every bit of support you can give @rewritingextinction helps more than you'll ever know. #COP26 #webcomics #rewritingextinction Comic by me, @ecoresolution, @dami_lee, and @paulgoodenough
10/30/2021 12:43
Here it is! We are so so excited to be launching our brand new EcoResolution website ✨ head to the link in our bio to find articles, resources, stories and videos on the topics shaping our lives, communities and ecosystems and make sure to let us know what you think!✨❤️ @ecoresolution @caradelevingne ❤️
10/26/2021 07:00
Happy birthday my dearest darling, ride or die, love you more than words. Cannot wait to be old and laughing about our memories and the good ol days even though we will still be living them. Hugging you always @margaretqualley
10/23/2021 10:08
10/20/2021 05:58

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