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God i love Polaroid. @polaroid magic in a moment. Never the same. ????????????
09/17/2023 03:14
#FireIsland was on fire last night! ????Love my boys! ????
09/01/2023 08:21
Since I’m on a art roll and I’ve gotten so much sick tips and from really insane artist i admire. I did this a while back when my little one was watching movie i didn’t like lol. So i sat down and tried something. I don’t often paint. But am gonna try it more. But I’m proud of this one because it was the first time I didn’t look at some thing for a reference. I just started and let whatever came out of the page or paint to show up. And I like her. I am one day going to get classically taught hehe. Thanks for the love and support folks.
08/11/2023 08:07
Hid a few free signed copies of THE ONE AND ONLY @SPARKELLA AND THE BIG LIE at @barnesandnoble.If you don’t find one of the copies, you can post a picture of your book or your receipt with the #Sparkella hashtag, and I’ll choose a few to send signed book plates to also. Good luck!
06/03/2023 08:14
you’re sleeping next to me and i am thanking gods i don’t believe in for it. my favorite person, my favorite place, my favorite part of the day. you are every bit brilliant as you are beautiful, and i feel like the luckiest girl in the world because i’m the one who gets to love you - and be loved by you. i want to live in our little world together forever. happy birthday baby, i now know the true meaning of every underlined passage about love in our books. and there is no greater gift than that<3
05/29/2023 01:27
A #Sparkella-inspired fort I cooked up to surprise my little one last year. Can’t believe we’re already a month out from the release of the next book in the series! And surprise, if you preorder a copy of THE ONE AND ONLY @SPARKELLA AND THE BIG LIE before May 30th and upload your receipt at the link on, you could receive a bookplate signed by me and a fun friendship bracelet-making kit from the dad-daughter duo @gunnerandlux!And be on the lookout for some fun events in the works ????
04/26/2023 05:09
Me encanta cuando cantan esta conmigo. Creo que la voy a sumar a la nueva gira ???? #LluevePorDentro
03/29/2023 06:23
PLEASE WATCH, PLEASE SHARE, PLEASE HELP. My friends @ekadarville @lovinglila and their 9 year old son, Mana, are in the fight of their lives against a rare form of highly metastatic brain cancer. Time is of the essence and they desperately need our help to produce a medical miracle. If you feel called, please help us come together to support Mana at @the.mana.ohana #LetsGoMana
03/14/2023 03:56
I wish it was playing in my town!!!????????????????
02/10/2023 08:30
Wow. I mean there is so much to say. I have been blessed to have gotten to work with some incredibly talented and inspiring people in my life. This one was special for a lot of reasons though. One, because I would love to see the movie that these images live in. One of the highest marks I can feel about something. @mario_sorrenti , brother it was with so much ease and magic that you wielded your craft. I can honestly say I learned so many things watching you make images. @georgecortina , it is with so much mischievous child-like naughtiness and actual fuck the world talent that I can’t get enough of. Like candy. @presslerj , lady we have had some adventures and I can honestly say at my core they really weren’t work. We lived and shared on a level that honestly I don’t think many people even know how to do. You are rare soul that sees truth and are not afraid to live with your eyes open. I can’t wait for our next chapter.  The world may not be ready. I can promise we will do it properly next time. @radhikajones , thank you more than I can express for even giving me this opportunity to experience these beautiful artists! And I am grateful for your art. @jamie_grooming , girl there is toooooo much to say with me and you. And no one will ever get to hear it. Because our talks and journey together is a long and beautifully hilariously ride that I will never get off of and never share with anyone.
01/18/2023 05:48

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