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John’s most favorite flower is the onion flower. There are so many beautiful flowers in the world, I personally couldn’t pick just one, but he did and it is for some reason the onion flower. anyhow I love him very much. thank u for spending all your free minutes with your family ????
06/21/2022 02:32
???? yessss girl!
06/06/2022 10:17
a rarely seen side part really shook up the house this weekend. we don’t have a lot going on ok
05/21/2022 04:10
cuddle puddle friend
05/19/2022 10:04
long coat no pants can’t lose ????
05/19/2022 06:27
Next up for our Cravings x @klaviyo #businessspotlight please welcome to the stage @getgraza olive oil! It's so good! I used it to make these Olive Oil Cornbread Pancakes including the syrup ????. The difference in each bottle of “sizzle” and “drizzle” is how long the olives have matured. So the younger olives are packed with flavor to drizzle and the more mature olives in “sizzle” have a higher smoke point and are best for cooking. The squeezable bottle is so convenient and makes you feel like a fancy chef in your own kitchen. Co-Founder Andrew Benin uses @klaviyo for email marketing, connecting with customers daily to share updates, cookbooks they recommend, and new recipes. Make sure to subscribe to their emails and check it out! Link in bio to learn more! #ad Olive oil cornbread pancakes recipe by @billclarkmakes
05/18/2022 11:31
#THEWAYDOWN part two is streaming now on @hbomax
05/18/2022 07:48
baby’s first board meeting!? @cravingsbychrissyteigen is growing up so fast!! i have too many new blazers and pointy flats for this only to be quarterly
05/18/2022 07:15
????this is 4!????
05/18/2022 03:21
05/17/2022 04:41

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