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FINALS 2023 @stake
06/02/2023 12:35
Welcome Home King @partynextdoor
05/26/2023 06:51
04/28/2023 04:26
SS23 is all me.
04/13/2023 10:09
Shhhhhhhhhhhh @stake
04/10/2023 08:29
Off the leash ???? @stake
04/08/2023 03:59
On such a monumental day I realized something I have been trying to verbalize for years. Me and you are so competitive brother and we spend countless hours fighting to stay alive in this very tough game. But it has never been a war. It has never been a battle. It has never been US VS THEM because them is just a conflicting energy. They are grouped together faceless and nameless because they are expendable and interchangeable. The truth is it’s EGO vs SOUL. We are the soul. Good hard Canadian work based on factual events executed by two guys with pure intentions and a clean heart. Ego is our only enemy. I’m down to fight the good fight with you for another 40 years. Thank you for being my brother in arms and doing the leg work. More life @ovo40
03/31/2023 11:39
Dream team????
03/23/2023 09:11
Nah for reaaaall????
03/19/2023 04:07
03/13/2023 12:07

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