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April showers bring May flowers ????
05/09/2023 06:03
????️Seeing art made us happy????️
04/19/2023 03:29
She perfect no notes ????????????✨✨✨
02/24/2023 05:34
???? @josiebro portraits ????
01/13/2023 12:13
A time and a place with @cocojourdana @_cocojphoto who can make you feel like art
11/04/2022 08:02
Jeeves! Fetch a cigar (french fries)! In the fallest of fits for Freda Salvador. h&mu by me!
10/14/2022 12:35
It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. I won’t, but I could if I wanted. ???? @johnflattop ????
08/18/2022 01:29
Kenneth took me to and from school everyday my freshman year of high school. It was SUCH an insecure time in my life and at times I felt so uncool and Kenneth made me feel included, he was an 07 king after all! Even though he called me BD (busted and disgusting) every single day ???? To see him come to LA and thrive was so fucking awesome. The last we spoke he called me because he had become good friends with the barista at his coffee shop and wanted to help her and asked if I’d meet with her, and that’s SO indicative of the person he was. He really walked the walk and wanted to lift people up. Just a good ass person. I’ll think of you getting disturbing the peace tickets from the bass being sooo bumpin in the rodeo, getting classic 50s M-F, and everytime I hear jumpin jumpin! I’m so sad you’re not here anymore, but I’m so happy you were. There’s a go fund me link to support his family in my bio please consider donating or sharing. Kenniefresh forever <3
07/18/2022 08:46
My shoot with @jeffreytkchan is out and tangible! We love a summer issue ???? @psmmagazine @rushmuseumpublishing
06/21/2022 02:39
A @michaelwoloszynowicz black and white moment for maxim mexico
05/21/2022 05:49

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