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02/28/2023 06:02
02/20/2023 10:38
It’s Christmas so I’m gonna keep it ???? I’m an intellectual giant ???? the founder and builder of successful businesses with my own two hands ✋???????????? and overall one big, bad ass MF who disrupts the world ???? I’m also an 18 karat f*cking idiot when it comes to being able to build a @lego toy set for my 4 year old baby girl, Tiana Gia ????????????‍♂️Literally 40 minutes in and I’m already saying, “Baby daddy’s gonna go make you some French Toast with all the whipped cream and syrup you want… doesn’t that sound AMAZING?!!!” ????How bout the finger pointing I’m doing to the instruction manual and random Lego pieces as I plot my PLAN B ☝????????Merry Christmas, my friends! ????????????
12/27/2022 08:18
Emma I hope you share on instagram we your fans miss you so much we really love you❤️❤️❤️❤️
12/22/2022 05:45
If y’all take a look on her profile will realize that this makes part of a big picture which is divided
12/15/2022 09:52
????We need urgent action from the international community. The Islamic Republic wants to execute a rapper ‌ #SamanYasin⁩ and ‌ #Mohammad_Borooghani⁩ .Their lives are in serious danger! Pls save them! ‌ #سامان_یاسین⁩ ‌ #محمد_بروغنی
12/08/2022 03:01
You are part of the board of directors of Kering, why aren’t you speaking up against the masterminds of the disturbing campaign Balenciaga just launched ? Why the silence ?
11/09/2022 01:40
#mahsaamini #مهسا_امینی
10/29/2022 12:22
10/19/2022 12:06
Hello. I am a woman from Iran. Please help us get our voices heard.A 22 year old girl, named Mahsa Amini, was brutally beaten and murdered by the Morality police in Iran yesterday. The "mortality police's" job is terrorizing, beating and arresting women who do not meet the government's mandatory Hijab standards. This girl was murdered because her hair was showing a little bit (she was still wearing Hijab).This is not the only instance and this is happening in large scale every single day in Iran. Girls are terrorized and terrified to go out of their house, they leave their homes each day knowing that they could get arrested, assaulted or murdered by the government police!This is unacceptable and inhumane! We cannot fight this battle alone. Be the voice of Iranian women and help us reach people all over the world. WE NEED HELP.
09/17/2022 02:23

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