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I support these incredible artists who worked tirelessly, with their hands, using wool, silk, and foam, to sculpt this embroidered Lion, and image of Pride, An image that @schiaparelli invokes while exploring themes of strength. I am honored to have been called on as well to lend my art as a woman to this @danielroseberry ????
01/23/2023 07:00
Bonjour… ❤️
01/15/2023 02:39
12/26/2022 05:39
@jacquemus last walk of 2022…@piergiorgio @dmcasting
12/14/2022 07:45
What a magic night … Thank you #StevenMeisel for having me ???? #meisel93 In my #givenchy2016spring by RT
11/17/2022 04:14
Tuesday moods @suzannekoller @samrocksamrock casting by @piergiorgio
10/25/2022 04:03
Phresh out the runway @riccardotisci17 ????
10/04/2022 07:26
I normally don’t write about my life - but I am compelled to share with you all how a dream has come true for me. When I was 20yrs old I came to milan for the first time. I used to walk around the city day dreaming about what it would be like to work for @giorgioarmani - Armani women always exude such effortless class and strength, and I would think gosh I can be that. It was a laughably unattainable dream for me that I kept it to myself. But here we are many years later - it has happened!!! ????????Thank u @giorgioarmani for choosing me to be the face of your campaign. it’s a massive honor for me. I hold you in the highest regard. And I thank you for the great opportunity today That I can share my new campaign with u guys .x IRI My new @giorgioarmani AW ????Thank u Fam @mertalas @macpiggott ???????? casting @piergiorgio ????styled by my love @annadellorusso
09/20/2022 11:52
Vogueing with my Supers ???? in ma @versace @voguemagazine
09/13/2022 02:37
Classics … with my @aninebingofficial ????????
09/07/2022 10:59

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