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#word - pls tag who created this… #wisdom
01/21/2023 07:19
Martin Luther King Jr. believed that one of the most urgent questions in life is - what are you doing for others? As my dear friend @cleowade wrote, “We honor the dream by doing the work”. ❤️ Let’s continue putting in the work to build the world Dr. King dreamt of ???????????? Love overpowers hate. Light drives out darkness. Lead with an open, compassionate heart - connect with your soul and remember that you are worthy of love - and so are the rest of the souls on this journey ???????? Let’s celebrate today as a reminder of Dr. King’s dream and how we should live ???????? #MartinLutherKingJrDay #MLK
01/16/2023 08:02
my #charcuterie board partner in crime and I went all out for the last ones of 2022 ???????????????? #tbt #honorcita
01/06/2023 12:39
To my sweet Hayesie… I love you more than words could ever express my sweet boy. Your spirit is pure love and joy! All of our bedtime cuddles and end of day talks are my favorite! Your energy is endless and it cracks me up when you try to fight sleep, because you don’t want to miss anything! #fomo ???? I love that you really feel music your heart. ????????????????. I love how ‘in the zone you get while playing sports and your determination to hone your skills blows me away! ????????????! Please remember to always give mama tight squeezes and smooches no matter how big you get! I love you my 5 year old! Ugh -why does time fly so fast! Te Amo Mucho Mi Amor #HappyBirthday #thisis5 #FelizCumpleaños
01/01/2023 01:13
merry christmas and happy holidays from our fam to yours ????????✨ sending sooo much love and light! ❤️
12/26/2022 12:50
12/18/2022 05:09
It’s so strange to reflect back on time with someone who you never thought would pass -in this way… I think it’s why it’s so devastating, because there is no way to prepare you. I have had nothing but joyful experiences with Twitch, although brief we would catch up on our kids and “better halves”, he was such a bright light, his energy radiated. My heart goes out to Allison and their three babies, I’m so so sorry for your loss. Twitch, you will be missed, thank you for sharing your light with us. ????????
12/14/2022 06:54
Thanksgiving is this week, which means I’m already in holiday spirit ????????????& getting ahead of my shopping ????️ this year! Whether you’re gifting someone who is all about their #skincare game or just getting into it - this @honest_beauty kit is all the hype ✨ Check it out ????
11/20/2022 08:58
No form of hate or discrimination is acceptable - I stand in solidarity and support the Jewish community ????We have so much more in common versus differences in this world. Enough of the hate - let’s end the narrative to keep us divided. Instead spread love, lead with your heart - we are all humans and on this journey together
10/25/2022 09:39
‘Every two minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States’. Thank you @katiecouric for raising awareness around women’s health and encouraging us all to get screened ????????@brittneyryanhair @lizzymathis @storyofmailife @shanidarden - I invite you to join me and encourage your friends and loved ones to get screened and prioritize their health ♥️ #IScreenYouScreen #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth
10/04/2022 01:14

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