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Photo by the brilliant creative genius @elizavetaporodina for @knwlslondon
11/28/2022 03:27
Make up by @julianwolfstoller in @muglerofficial
11/16/2022 04:12
Thank you @cfda & @edie_parker for having me!! Huge wins for nyc ???? My dress is by @valerievi_milano_official bag by @edie_parker jewelry by @vitaly make up by @julianwolfstoller #GRANNYGLAM hair by @mattbenns slay by @brianaandalore
11/08/2022 09:54
Somewhere between everywhere and nowhere.Art by @jacolbysatt Publication: @highsnobietyDirector: @jacolbysattVideo: @jacolbysattPhoto: @ricardogomesinst ⁠Fashion: @eyobyohannes ⁠Director of Photography: @courtneyharvier⁠Makeup: @kalikennedyHair: @andylecompteNails: @naominailsnycProduction: @themorrisongroup⁠Audio/Music: PAT (@jacolbysatt + Nick Weiss)Editing: @jacolbysattDesign: @jacolbysattVFK: @jacolbysattAnimation: @jacolbysattPost Production: @jacolbysattCasting: @itboygregk @gkldprojects⁠Creative Direction: @_mq______
10/08/2022 04:15
I wish you could see this bag better it was made out of a computer key board and we used electrical tape for the boots ???????? and can we just stop and look at this latex top with the metal detail I just can’t Styled by @brianaandalore shot by @richieshazam @esmagazine make up by @rommynajor hair by @evaniefrausto
09/28/2022 01:15
Never in a million years could I have ever imagined. Thank you @pandorasny and @papermagazine for letting me live out this fantasy with my sisters @richieshazam @brianaandalore
09/15/2022 05:42
@zeitmagazin shot by @richardburbridge styled by @klausstockhausen hair by @charlielemindu make up by @erinparsonsmakeup profile by @cestclairette ????????
08/31/2022 11:15
I wish I learned about finances in school
08/23/2022 07:57
Been that girl
08/11/2022 11:29
**Disclaimer: ur not supposed to like it** @richieshazam♥️ @brianaandalore♥️
07/27/2022 05:42

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