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There is so much devastation in the world right now. So much danger, heartbreak and grief. We feel helpless, enraged, and often don’t know how to aid solutions except to send funds and prayers, and exert pressure where we can. I think about the facts that I know for sure, and one of them is that gun laws save lives. The shooter in Lewiston, Maine used an AR-15, a weapon of war, during his rampage in a bowling alley and a restaurant. We need Congress to reinstate the ban on assault weapons like the AR-15 and we need Maine to pass an Extreme Risk law, which can help stop a shooter who shows dangerous warning signs from accessing a gun and stop shootings before they start. #banassaultweapons@everytown @momsdemandText ACT to 644-33
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Last night at the impactful and moving Albie Awards, thank you Amal and George Clooney for honoring these heroes. @kateyoung  In archive @versace@sidneygarber@Lisaeisnerjewelry @elaineoffers@marcusrfrancis@enamelle@fabricioormonde#TheAlbies#AtelierVersace
09/29/2023 03:53
Rainy day activity. Sound on. #hope ???? @freundlich96
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I’ve not done a deep post in a hot sec so here you go with a side of thirst trap ???? as women were constantly put into boxes, all my life all I’ve every heard is women are either one thing or the other. We’re frigid or a wh0re, wife material or not, but what do those words even mean? Here you go…Frigid comes to us from the Latin frigidus, meaning “cold, chill, cool” or “indifferent.” That explains why it's used to describe both arctic weather and someone's particularly unfriendly demeanor.“Whore” comes from the Germanic root word “horaz,” which means a person who desires.17 Vital Qualities Of A Good Wife 1. Know How to Fight Fairly2. Is Emotionally Mature and Secure 3. Be Friendly and Affectionate 4. Communicate Openly5. Be Respectful of His Beliefs 6. Be Financially Responsible and Sensitive 7. Be Supportive of His Goals8. Are a Good Listener9. Respect His Privacy and Boundaries 10. Show Appreciation for His Efforts 11. Be Flexible12. Esteem His Family and Friends 13. Be Loyal and Have His Back 14. Have a Positive Attitude15. Be Reliable 16. Show Interest in His Passions 17. Practice Selflessness All these terms were given by men, men who didn’t get what they wanted from us! When we deny their advances we’re cold when we know what we want we’re promiscuous and when we’re not here to serve we have no use. Fuck that. We are goddess. We created life. We are the center of the universe. Wether you are a mother, a teacher, a party animal, a hustler, all or none of the above you are fucking amazing and don’t ever let anyone tell you different.
08/28/2023 11:54
I don’t surf #beach
08/15/2023 09:42
Nine years ago today, Michael Brown, a young Black man, was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The shooting ignited national outrage over police violence that disproportionately impacts Black Americans.We hold Michael’s loved ones in our hearts as we continue to fight for long overdue changes to the racist systems that allow police violence to persist.
08/09/2023 03:00

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