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Today, we join all those celebrating Juneteenth and endeavor to fight deadly systemic racism. Learn more about the history of this important day at the link in my bio. @everytown
06/19/2022 01:57
Please share your #WearOrange pics on Friday, June 3rd for National Gun Violence Awareness Day, tag me, and I will add you to my stories. Also, text ORANGE to 644-33 to find an event near you. @everytown @momsdemand @studentsdemand ????
05/30/2022 08:18
#repost • @shannonrwatts Want to DO something to protect our communities from gun violence and hold lawmakers and the gun industry accountable after Uvalde, Buffalo, and continuing daily gun violence? Here are some actions you can take NOW to help #EndGunViolence:
05/29/2022 06:51
#regram• @shannonrwatts We refuse to go on like this. WALKOUT THURSDAY 5/26. Text WALKOUT to 644-33 for info on how to organize a walkout at your school. @everytown @momsdemand @studentsdemand
05/25/2022 09:58
“We are being held hostage by 50 senators that are trying to hold on to their power.” Repost from @warriors #SteveKerr @everytown @momsdemand Please join the movement to #EndGunViolence: Text ACT to 644-33.
05/25/2022 04:34
This is horrific - PLEASE if you are as shattered by this as I am Text ACT to 644-33 to help us stop America’s gun violence crisis @everytown @momsdemand @studentsdemand
05/25/2022 01:33
I am beyond excited for the opportunity to work with these 2. #lynneramsay @iamsandraohinsta ???? @amazonstudios @studiocanal @film4
05/23/2022 10:17
Another day another graduation ????‍????!! Congratulations to @davidsoncollege #classof2020 graduates @cal_freundlich and @kikix12 - so proud of you and so very happy we finally get to celebrate your achievement. Love you so much!
05/23/2022 01:08
We are so proud of you @cal_freundlich. Congratulations on your graduation. We love you so much!!! @nyuscreenscoring #NYUSteinhardt22
05/21/2022 01:37
Press day for #WhenYouFinishSavingTheWorld #BottegaVeneta @matthieu_blazy @kateyoung @seandn @hungvanngo @marcusrfrancis @lucytuckernails @bulgari @a24 @festivaldecannes #criticsweekcannes @semaine_de_la_critique
05/19/2022 12:25

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