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Can’t wait!
11/18/2022 06:06
Detective Doute at your service.
11/10/2022 10:19
I'll take your hand and pick you up, and keep you there so you can see it ???????????? #emosnotdead
10/26/2022 02:04
Photoshoot ready for a new project coming soon…! Can’t wait to share with y’all ????
10/11/2022 09:03
am I flirting right?
09/08/2022 07:43
My brain has too many tabs open.
08/09/2022 03:11
cherish these nights, cherish these people. life is a movie, but there will never be a sequel. ✨ a little Nicki Minaj to send you to Nashville @sculptedbymegan ????
07/29/2022 05:21
aww, this is FRAMILY! happy birthday @mrjaxtaylor ❤️ we’ve been friends for almost 15 YEARS!! you’re an amazing dad, an amazing husband, and a sub-par friend ???? love you ???? stop blocking me or don’t ???? can’t wait for what’s to come…. ????
07/10/2022 12:58
Denver, you’re so glorious I just can’t stay away. ✨ @catbirddenver is now my absolute favorite hotel - thank you for being so rad, so gorg & loving the fur babies we brought along. if you’re visiting CO or just want a little staycation, stay at Catbird!! Can’t wait to come back ????
06/30/2022 10:20
you haven’t met the new me yet ????✨(and I think she’ll give you that)
06/16/2022 10:54

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