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these sunglasses are my new favorite thing
08/28/2021 05:00
first Urth Cafe Trip with Liana and Alyssa was a success????
07/30/2021 07:07
hello world! as the balloon says, & hello to all the upcoming classes with my favs :)
07/13/2021 07:17
06/29/2021 05:47
selfie selfie
05/29/2021 11:42
beautiful skies today <3
05/12/2021 06:27
these boots were made for walking.... or standing in a parking lot taking Instagram photos
04/27/2021 05:32
Happy Easter from fairy Lilly????‍♀️✨
04/04/2021 10:00
In 2020 anti-Asian hate crimes had increased by nearly 150%, and its not okay. Use your platform to speak up because being silent is not acceptable. I’ve put a carrd in my bio with some resources where you can sign petitions, donate, and find more ways to spread the word. No crime should simply be brushed off by saying that the committer of the crime was simply “having a bad day” call it a hate crime because it is one. I’m so saddened by all the recent losses as of late and I can’t imagine people are so horrible to do this to anyone. #stopasianhate
03/20/2021 03:50
♡ Happy international women’s day to all women, we are truly amazing.♡
03/09/2021 02:20

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