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01/16/2022 10:47
BORREGO is out now on demand & anywhere you can buy/rent movies and in select theaters across the states. Man, I’ll keep this short and sweet, but the making of this film was a huge labor of love from all involved. Pretty sure we all shed our own blood, sweat and tears. This experience further instilled that I freakin love making films & telling stories. Thank you @jesseharris , our writer & director- my fellow producers @greglauritano , @tucciandcompany , @moni_g_r_ , @nancy_cartwright - @saban_films - @vagabondproductionservices - @thenewtonbroth3rs for your truly haunting, stunning score- the seriously talented cast, @leynar.gomez , @jorge.a.jimenez.oficial , @oliviatrujillo , @eltexmex We had such a badass Spanish crew & I send all of my love and gratitude to them and to every person involved who helped us with our movie. We will have info on international release dates soon! Enjoy!! x
01/14/2022 05:42
Hiii guys - hope everyone’s having a great start to the new year so far ✨ I’m doing an “ask me anything” on @primevideouk later today. So throw all your questions my way on IG stories
01/13/2022 05:59
a very important message & serious in-depth scene study by myself, @leynar.gomez & @jesseharris on behalf of our film @borregofilm that comes out this Friday
01/13/2022 02:24
1 week ????
01/07/2022 07:52
This is almost Benjamin Moore Calypso Green with a twist. If you get the reference… ???????? @rollacoaster Shot by : @smiggi Hair @eduardobravohair Makeup @ewtmakeup Manicure @amy_elizabeth_ Words @0ctaviaa Producer @samuelgeroldi Editorial Director @huwgwyther
01/05/2022 11:24
???????? @rollacoaster Shot by : @smiggi Hair @eduardobravohair Makeup @ewtmakeup Manicure @amy_elizabeth_ Words @0ctaviaa Producer @samuelgeroldi Editorial Director @huwgwyther
01/04/2022 07:35
01/02/2022 03:59
01/01/2022 06:18
The last two years have dealt us all very different cards & it would be the understatement of the century to say “what the actual fuck is going on?” But something I’ve been thinking a lot on recently is how incredible the human soul is. On a global scale, in my circle of people, and personally- we’ve all dealt with groundbreaking loss. I’m amazed at how people choose to pick up the pieces after something knocks their world off axis, how we’ve navigated life during a global pandemic, loss of friendship, heartbreak, loss of life… Nothing about it makes sense but yet, it’s all so simple to me that the one thing we have in common is the resilience of our spirit. I don’t know much but I do believe we are here to love without judgement, to do our best, to find our purpose & to leave the world a little better than we found it. That’s my wish for myself and for all of you entering into this new year — find what makes you happy, hold on for dear life, forgive yourself & forgive others. At the end of the day all we have is each other. Happy new year ✨
12/30/2021 06:18

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