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Happy Days ❤️????
05/10/2022 08:39
Back on the road this spring/summer ???????????? clocking up the miles & meeting farmers from around the British Isles. It blows me away hearing about their passion for their produce - I learn so much …and get to try amazing food in the process ???????????? added bonus! See more from the farmers, chef @chrisbaber & myself from next week ???????????? #M&S #M&Sfood #FreshMarketUpdate #seasonal #climate #weather #fresh #farmers #filming #britishproduce #ad #cooking #filming #britishweather #seasons #crops @marksandspencerfoodpr @marksandspencer
04/22/2022 02:05
Shivering in the sunshine… that’s April for you! ❄️☀️ Evening News from an Arctic feeling Aintree yesterday ahead of todays Grand National ???????????? Headband by the v talented @jtmillinery - it was perfect, so helpful for long hair on such a blustery day! Loved the bow at the back ???? #GrandNational #GrandNational2022 #Aintree
04/09/2022 12:10
Blink and you miss it snow for anyone today? ❄️???????? Current status: sofa, with extra thick socks & a dog snoozing on my lap (the perfect hot water bottle) ????☕️
03/31/2022 02:57
Springtime skiing from 2 weeks ago - ft. hazy skies & twinkling lights ✨ Spring is fickle! Colder air incoming - snow in the forecast this week ❄️☕️???? (for the UK & the Alps)
03/28/2022 01:46
Winter in the shade, summer in the light this time of year. Choose the sunny side of the street ????☀️???? HUGE difference!! Summed up by a quote by Charles Dickens in 1880: “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” Great Expectations ????????
03/22/2022 11:14
Alpine air ✨ by night - walking across a snowy frozen lake after dinner ????❄️ Happy Spring Equinox: day & night now equal in length and marks the point between midsummer & midwinter.
03/21/2022 01:01
A stunning spring day - the view from space via @nasa satellites a short while ago. Just beautiful! Spotless sunny skies & temperatures have sprung up again. Near 20C for some of us - currently NW Scotland the warmest spot ☀️???????? Don’t forget the clocks change next weekend so longer, lighter days ahead ✨⏰☀️
03/19/2022 04:50
A pre covid/lockdown ski trip. And probably the last time I saw proper snow ❄️????❄️ It’s been mild for many recently but this time last year we were in a deep freeze/icy grip! I remember fountains froze in central London ???? It was barely above freezing but it’s been nearer 14C in places today. Colder air is incoming though… ????☕️
02/08/2022 10:12
Low, dazzling Winter light ✨ We’ve gained so much daylight since the start of the year - from around extra 1hr 15min in London to 1hr 32min in Edinburgh ☕️????☀️ January was SUNNIER & DRIER than usual for all of us ☀️????
02/02/2022 10:33

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