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leaving NY with a wish ⋆for me at 12 and for me at 52 that the industry which I devoted my life to will continue to change as the world around it does …for all my fellow actors, writers, and dreamers, that we will receive the respect and fair contract we deserve for the time and labor film making requires. I hope that we are met with the same humanity we actively strive to capture and create. ❤️ Proud of my union. Proud of the WGA. Protect the heartbeat of the art and picket! #sagstrong #sagstrike
07/22/2023 06:19
C????️use you’re my love… All episodes of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin are streaming now on @StreamOnMax. #theonetowatch
06/01/2023 03:00
how I’ll miss ya ????
03/07/2023 09:03
Great work Leo!! ????????????????
02/23/2023 10:38
Красивая!!!! Голос прекрасный, но где он, тот ,кто напишет правильные песни, конкретно для твоего своеобразного голоса, которые станут настоящими шлягерами????
02/05/2023 08:39
These photos are so beautiful?!!
01/13/2023 04:56
☁️ When I see the clouds I see you ❤️ Are you missing anyone this Christmas? ???? Send this to someone you love! //Just saying hiiii and enjoying a sunset, I hope you’re having a lovely day. Song: Christmas Without You by yours truly ❤️
12/17/2022 01:08
knits out for democracy
11/09/2022 01:52
a weekend away at HOME ft. Mr. Oaky bear and my bestest friend
09/13/2022 01:27
xo @flauntmagazine
09/02/2022 05:19

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