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Here. Fine. Pics by @samuelmcguire
01/02/2023 08:39
I love playing characters I aspire to be more like. #Lúnda #GodofWar #Ragnarok.
11/19/2022 06:14
Last nights pix by future legend @krismerc
11/06/2022 02:54
According to the U.S. Surgeon General, the #mentalhealth of children is “…an urgent public health crisis.” Talking to our kids and each other is the best path forward. Follow @OnOurSleevesOfficial for ideas. #OnOurSleeves #WorldMentalHealthDay
10/11/2022 12:10
Follow @taragrammy
10/09/2022 10:48
Loved talking to my brillaint friend and Out of Office costar on her podcast. Find it everywhere and relish in her beautiful brain.
09/30/2022 03:28
For the next week, I will be matching donations to @miryslist along with the Shapiro Foundation. I love this org because they’ve helped over 700 newly resettled families get the basics they need to start their new lives in America. Also Miry herself is the most inspiring and generous person I know. I’m honored to support her and the families she works with.Donation link in bio.
09/17/2022 08:10
I don’t know what it will take to make sure every person has the right to choose what happens to their own body, but we’re going to try everything.
09/12/2022 07:13
“Everything provides a finite opportunity to savor your life.” I know my son one day won’t want to fall asleep cuddling me. The last time could be today. Although sometimes I wish I could just put him to bed and get on with the list of things I have to do, sitting here with him, I treat this moment like I’ve chosen to time travel to it. ✨ Because I would. ✨ So I savor his tiny noises, soft curls, and cushy cheeks not knowing how many chances I get to do this.
07/26/2022 04:28
“But think about anytime you’ve ever come to a new place. Think about where you live right now…Ask yourself: Am I dependent on my neighbors? What role do your neighbors play in your day-to-day life?” - @mintmilana in Our World Is A Family, one night only show at @thefordla tonight July 16! You will be moved, and joyfully empowered to keep helping. We can make a huge difference. Grab your last minute ticket at the link in our bio!
07/16/2022 07:12

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