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????????VA 757
05/15/2022 01:50
Yooooo now seeeeeee???????????????? I’m done????it’s the SANDALS then the pan up into the new Plastic bag collection 2022 Church dress bag for me???????????????? with the wings????with the matching plastic hat???????????????? and it’s only raining in one spot! yo yall out here tweakin I’m weak! Much love @fatboyrhymer “The Rain”☔️
05/12/2022 03:17
Let me bring this back one mo gin since it’s getting HOT outside ????????????????”CoolOff” ????????“DripDemeanor”????mix @mizzk.o ????????????????????????Snappin
04/26/2022 11:25
I always been DIFFERENT! When I became a artist I didn’t listen to radio or watch others videos so I didn’t SEE nor HEAR what was hot to mimic another artist sound & that made me & @Timbaland create a SOUND & LOOK that hadn’t been SEEN or HEARD before! This was 24 YEARS AGO????????????
04/21/2022 12:44
04/16/2022 10:56
I wasn’t ready????????????????after the scratch he started cutting up! I would of been on the floor acting fool???????? shiii I was bouncing to da mix myself???????????????????? I guess he said bump that crowd he was hype on his own mix???????????????? love it????????
04/07/2022 09:03
Let me bring this video back “I’m Better” I know this was over some folks head but watch in a few years we gonna look back & say DAMN this joint was NEXT LEVEL!???? I PROMISE! The 2nd clip is behind the scenes of “I’m Better” video with no effects! this was 1 take even though they messed up they still SNAPPING! I don’t brag to much but this Shit hard???????????? I promise in a few years erbody will see it differently???????? in the pool that’s marks so swimmers know to stay in their lane & when they reaching the end????????????
04/01/2022 10:28
Happy Birthday to my bro @Timbaland we go back 30 years!!!!! From Highschool days driving from VA to NYC then AROUND THE WORLD????????I saw your gift from the time we met & would show up @ your house almost everyday like… Let’s do some music????!????????I am happy you listened to me???????? I know I got on ya nerves???? but I am so PROUD of you! ENJOY your Bornday you Deserve it???????????? ???????? VA style #757 ✌????⬆️✌????⬇️
03/11/2022 02:36
Message???????????????????????????????????????????? I have heard yall asking for a signed COOKBOOK vinyl so I got cha???? my fingers tiiiiiiiiired???? but I’m signing ALL OF EM✍???? NO HELP just me! The link in my bio Love y’all???????????? I told Grace at the label I’m cut from a different cloth so I finished signing all 3000????????????
03/02/2022 12:19
Message???? here’s some messages from ME to anyone who needs UPLIFTING! Make sure you slide left to see all the post! I hope it HELPS SOMEONE or you can send to someone who may need to hear it! We need to cleanse or social media TL sometimes with Good Energy????????????
02/28/2022 07:50

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