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Ураа! Состоялся 9-й ежегодный форум «Каждый ребёнок достоин семьи» Фонда помощи детям «Обнаженные Сердца». Подробнее - на сайте Фонда ????
11/24/2021 04:14
9ть дней сегодня???? дорогие, помолитесь с нами за спасение души новопреставленной Ларисы ???? Дай Бог скорой встречи в Раю Бабуничке и Дедуничке ❤ 9 days today! Important moment for my Grandmother's soul???? please, pray with us for her ???? and for happy reunion of Larisa and Viktor Gromov in heaven ❤
11/19/2021 04:02
Gromova Larisa Gavrilovna, born on November 10, 1929, passed away aged 92 on November 11, 2021, at home, in her hometown Nizhny Novgorod, surrounded by loving children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. There is no limit to the Lord's mercy! On Monday, November 8th, I returned to Paris from Qatar with no plans to travel far in the next few weeks. My Granny was supposed to come to Paris that day for her upcoming birthday on November 10th, but because of the covid, we had to abandon these plans. My Mother and her beloved brother, my Uncle Slava, called me and made me understand that they both doubted that the Grandmother would live to see her 92nd birthday. I called Lucas and, fortunately, he said he was ready to fly out of America immediately. So, already on Tuesday, we were heading to Nizhny Novgorod. Love is life, already infamous quote by my dear friend @therealdvf I wrote in my previous post, under a happy video of Granny with her cake at her birthday celebration. It was a perfect way to illustrate unfolding of recent events. On arrival to Nizhniy Novgorod we found Grandma very frail as my mother and Slava described, she spoke hoarsely, with a stone-colored face and cold lips, nose, hands... but when she saw her great-grandchildren and all of us, asking questions, smiling at everyone, she perked up, began to ask for water and her favorite sweets, which she refused for several days already. In literally an hour, she had a color in her face, she joked and asked questions. That night was the first night in several weeks when she slept well. Her birthday was a very beautiful day. The sun was warm, caressing and everything promised that the day would be happy. And so it was. We went to the her's for breakfast, Uncle Slava spoiled us with Russian pancakes, we spent time with my Babunechka, she was chatty and in a good mood. All day we were preparing for the celebration, Uncle Slava cooked, my mother baked a cake, and I organized for grandma manicure at home, planned her outfits and flowers. We spent a lot of time together, I told children stories about Grandma and Grandpa, we shared common memories then I decided to take them for a walk.(rest in slides)
11/12/2021 03:53
Громова (Знахоренко) Лариса Гавриловна, родившаяся 10 ноября 1929 года, ушла из жизни 11 ноября 2021 года, у себя дома, в родном городе Нижнем Новгороде, окружённая любящими детьми, внуками и правнуками. Нет предела милости Господа! Gromova (Znakhorenko) Larisa Gavrilovna, born 10.11.1929, departed today on 11.11. 2021 in her home in beloved Nizhny Novgorod, surrounded by her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. There is no limit to the Lord's mercy and grace!
11/12/2021 12:23
Happy birthday to this beautiful inside out woman, who always held our family together and who will always be our rock. She brought out the best in everyone she met and she shined light everywhere she looked. Full of love, patience, wisdom, courage, charm, confidence and pride. My mom said today that she wouldn't even take out rubbish without putting lipstick on and I can second that. At the same time she was so natural and effortless in her beauty. Such an inspiration!! Thank you all who sent messages today and who shares adoration and good wishes for my Babunechka. Also to all those who prays for her. I had also prayed for all your loved ones. Love is life, as @therealdvf would say ????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤
11/11/2021 01:26
The mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience (Frank Herbert, Dune). Thank you @almayassabnthamad and #qatarcreates for welcoming me again to your fascinating country ????????????
11/07/2021 09:31
arriving to @dior Designer of Dreams exhibition
11/05/2021 07:38
and just like this @viktor_portman launches world first ever fully compostable biodegradable surgical mask @wearemasuku ???? ps thank you very much @virgilabloh for the tour of your incredible exhibition in Doha, inspiring new generation of young creatives #qatarcreates
11/04/2021 06:43
So happy to be back in #dohaqatar to celebrate local young talent with @fashiontrustarabia ????❤ together with a long time friend @houseofwaris I presented an award in jewelery category to incredible @aliabinomair ????
11/04/2021 02:15
That was a very successful visit to @loropianaofficial we are set with @neva_portman on our favorite color of the season ????????????????
11/02/2021 08:37

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