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05/31/2023 11:07
@sexyyred #PoundTown2 ♥️????
05/26/2023 04:13
All I can think about is how sleep deprived my husband & I were. And how I wouldn’t trade even one minute of the journey to becoming your mom. ????????????3 diff moms in this slide. Papa, one day I hope you’ll know how lucky you are to have them. ????????????Happy Mother’s Day Mommy. Thank you for bringing me to church with you when I was a kid. ????????????Happy Mother’s Day to my husband’s mother who helped us soooo much in the first year so we could get a few hours of sleep sometimes. ????????????Happy Mother’s Day to my husband’s grandmother whom he adores. ????????????And to you. The mothers who have no clue how you’re going to “figure it out”. Wishing you blessings & peace. You will ABSOLUTELY figure it out. I promise. You’re a super-hero????????????????????
05/14/2023 08:19
05/10/2023 11:18
She my lil vibe my lil ah ah ah ???? @brookebaileyinc ????????: @grizzleearts
05/05/2023 05:52
Link in my bio #AloneVideo with @kimpetras On all platforms ????????????
05/02/2023 08:24
Call me Kim Petty ! Alone is out NOW !!!!! Barb dreams come true ????????????
04/21/2023 04:00
like grah ????
04/16/2023 04:45
I am blessed to have this incredible army of well wishers who’ve been such an integral part of my journey… ❤️I truly adore every single one of you! Thank you for coming out to see me! #PCJManiacs ????????????????
04/08/2023 02:58
04/01/2023 03:08

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