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Anybody needing a rainbow today? Forgive me if I have already posted this photo, but I was looking through imagery this morning while putting together our next collection of Sustainable Bayou Prints, and felt like today was a good day for the symbolism it holds. Let’s say our wishes out loud together????
06/13/2022 04:39
If Damon was a horse.
05/31/2022 08:46
I once read that it is believed the date for Memorial Day was chosen because flowers would be in bloom all over the country. One of my favorite things to do is read about a holiday or historical event and then look at how we have decided to interpret it. To politicize it. To modernize it. Do we even know why we hold tight to a particular tradition? A holiday? Or a constitutional right? I am wishing you all a safe day with loved ones today as we honor and remember those who have given their lives for this country????
05/30/2022 07:08
Hi friends! We (Genexa) are now available in every Walmart across the country, do you know what that means!? It means clean medicine is now available for ALL of us, everywhere. You can look for us in both the Pain AND Children’s medicine aisles in every single Walmart and I am screaming at the top of my lungs in excitement! What is clean medicine you might ask? Why did I invest in this company and why am I so passionate about this? Clean medicine is made with the same effective active ingredients but without any artificial fillers. It might seem obvious, but until @genexa that simply didn’t exist. We ARE the first clean medicine company, and this giant embrace from mainstream retailers is major. As a human I care about this, as a parent I care about this, because these little wins are actually huge steps in the direction of ‘clean’ everything, everywhere. Genexa is paving the way for bigger conversations around the importance of clean medicine and creating a space for this to become the norm, not the new. I truly believe this is a must for every home, and every parent. We all use medicine, so why not make it clean? ????????Comment below and tell me why clean medicine is important to you and your home…????
05/29/2022 06:47
In reality, I am sitting in bed before the sun comes up with a million emails I am behind on, a full day of work ahead, breakfast to make, lunch to pack and a farm to feed. I’m checking the clock because I can feel my body starting to stress over my long to-do list and I already know I won’t make it through half of what is on today’s plate. But in my mind, I’m here doing this. Friendly reminder that IG is only one tiny sliver of real life. It is what we feel ‘comfortable’ sharing, which for some is selfies and smiles and for me is nature. But I am not always on horseback drinking tea watching the sunset even if that is what it might look like, and 99.9% of the other people you follow that post a constant stream of gorgeous imagery traveling the world, sitting on yachts, hugging their perfect families or posting their perfect boyfriend/girlfriend and perfect everything are also navigating their own real life stressors they don’t show on IG. Instagram isn’t the full story, ever :). If you are struggling with feeling like you’re surrounded by perfect lives on IG, please remember that! Deep breath, you’re a normal person in a not-normal (social media) world!
05/24/2022 06:14
I don’t know about you but this is my dream. A quiet Sunday bbq, the smell of wood burning, kids running with animals on the farm…time to exhale. I want the slow down. My birthday wish this year is to create whatever path soothes my soul. Toes in the soil, head to the sky. Enough chasing. Enough looking down. I want to see eyes not texts. I want to share a meal, share a hug, and share time with the ones I love. How about you? What do you want to manifest?
05/23/2022 07:26
1 or 2? Our @lociwear ‘s are genderless, designed with the planet in mind + use year round colors making sustainable the new fashion forward. We use recycled ocean plastic, natural rubber and cork along with our recycled brass eyelets to create shoes that are conscious of the plastic + made to last a lifetime???? Who is with me :)? Photos by the one and only @samidrasin #sustainablefashion
05/21/2022 07:43
Listening to Pico Iyer speak this morning, and while it’s true I have heard him many times, his wisdom never fails to bring me to my knees. The process of letting go, surrendering to the known and unknown, and realizing we are are all sitting in the canoe of life together meandering down the river. We can steer, but we cannot be the water. “The more powerful you are, the more you have to be kneeling before reality, before all the things we know we can’t control.”
05/21/2022 06:02
G I V E A W A Y // Doing a very special giveaway with two of my favorites, @oseamalibu + @christydawn to find like minded folks who are interested in shopping more sustainably. This one means so much to me, so please enter for the chance to receive a $500 gift card from each of us ($1500 total). No purchase necessary, it’s just a ‘thank you’ to our subscribers. Please share this with all of your family and friends, and tell us below what piece you will choose if you win! Love, Nikki + The Bayou Team
05/20/2022 05:02
What feels like home for your soul? Can we decide to choose joy? When we hit a fork in the road, can we trust that our body will know the way? 7am thoughts on his back watching the sunrise…
05/19/2022 11:19

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