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What a crazy experience
03/17/2023 07:05
Wow. This really hit deep for me. I've been trying to work on healing my inner child for a few years now. Having to process my childhood and how I deserved to be more loved by the adults around me. I didn't deserve the abuse and I wasn't a mean kid. I was just sad and lonely all the time. I didn't know true kindness and love until maybe a few years ago. It is a deep message you have left here. I am appreciative of you posting this for us all to read and relate to. Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
03/03/2023 05:15
02/21/2023 04:45
02/10/2023 04:57
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01/24/2023 05:27
“It’s why hearing someone recount your life to you can make you feel sick, while telling your own story, in your own words, can feel like a matter of survival.” It’s true. Thank you for seeing me @jessicabennett and @nytimes. Photo and Video by @cwynars.
01/17/2023 05:00
"Why can't we be the hero of our own life story?"- Pamela, a love story premiering Jan 31.
01/10/2023 02:32
It has not set in yet, my ribs ache, a lump in my throat, The Angel of Democracy-So many memories, conversations that inspired me and many others to do better I have had the good fortune to have such a wild and wonderful, supportive friend in Vivienne- A “see-er” - She saw and understood things so clearly -The boys and I will miss herAndreas carries the torch, but is his own creative, of course-She was always so amazed by him -I’ve never seen such admiration between partners -I love you Andreas-I love you Vivienne always, forevor moreYou are here-Your legacy, Your passion for planet earth, Your vision lives on-Intellectuals UniteClimate Revolution.We will never give up the fight.We all must fight till the end, like you … May you rest in peace. Photography by Juergen Teller
12/30/2022 04:20
12/26/2022 04:48

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