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I’ve never written an Op-Ed before… this is certainly a first for me. But in the face of urgency, I choose to live with the spirit of never backing down. And what we’re facing is urgent. Thx to @fastcompany for giving me the platform and my coauthor David Lang. I hope you all take a minute of your day to read about these incredible scientists that are doing the work that we can all participate in through FootPrint Coalition’s Science Engine. (Link in bio)
12/15/2021 07:56
It’s Friday, we’re blasting The Beatles, going down memory lane and continuing our mission today for a great cause…Want an autograph of your own and bragging rights for helping planet Earth? Thought so - check the link in the bio!
12/03/2021 11:03
Hitting pen to paper today and making the planet greener. Get yours today with the link in the bio.
11/30/2021 09:58
All I want for Christmas is more @minkdogblends ! These spice blends, salts, and maple products have taken me from sometimes bunko cook to fledgling master chef. Grab yours today to get on my level! THE CLOCK IS TICKING ON THIS LIMITED DROP, SO SNAG YOURS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. LINK IN BIO!
11/18/2021 08:00
Adjusting the halo on my heaven sent partner Mrs D.. you are my everything, and November 6th, Always a day of gratitude, for your blessed birth. P.S. I will never watch ahead on a co-viewed streaming show..That is my eternal vow…
11/06/2021 10:01
For my dearest daughter AVRI’s 7th bday I gave the kids what they want. Which is clearly mob violence.
11/04/2021 07:39
What should we aspire to? Supporting companies that have a plan for the planet our children will inherit. @Aspiration has found a way to offset our daily carbon footprint with everyday purchases. Therefore, it’s a company I support. #SpendSustainably by signing up now with the link in the bio: • • • Directed by @robertdowneyjr & @kevinfordmedia
10/14/2021 07:00
Tomorrow. #Aspiration
10/13/2021 07:00
Greenbacks for the Green Cause!! I’m teaming up with @swau_official signing a bunch of autographs with all of the proceeds going to @officialfootprintcoalition to help support environmental charities!???????? Link is in the bio*
09/07/2021 08:00
Wanted to share this with you all…Sifu Eric Oram…the passing of the torch, what an absolute honor. I’ve learned from the best and will happily carry the mantle.
09/03/2021 07:54

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