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I am woman, I am fearless, I am sexy, I’m divine????????
01/18/2022 02:46
Wow…it’s here! The season finale! Feels unreal that this first chapter is complete. This show has been a dream come true! I have loved it from day one and I can NOT be more grateful that I was given the opportunity to play Misty. I’m going to cry writing this! I can’t wait to start making the next chapter to this wild story! Swipe to watch me ball my eyes out.
01/16/2022 08:44
Big congratulations to our incredible writers on @shoyellowjackets for being nominated for 2 #writersguildawards so proud of this show????????
01/15/2022 11:35
Press day for @shoyellowjackets ♥️ I’m trying not to cry when talking about the finale! I’m sad this season is almost over but can’t wait to start making more for you guys???? #yellowjackets #mistyquigley
01/14/2022 12:23
I absolutely LOVE this episode! Wow my cast and crew are so unbelievably talented I’m tearing up writing this. These people worked so hard and did an outstanding job! So proud to have worked with all of them! #yellowjackets #showtime #bts
01/10/2022 12:42
Hope everyone’s enjoying the new year! Does anyone have any resolutions??
01/06/2022 03:52
Tonight’s episode of @shoyellowjackets is definitely one of my favorites!!! ????????????
01/03/2022 12:24
At times this was the worst year of my life and at times this was the best! I got to film my dream show, got engaged to my dream man, had more panic attacks than I can count, got put on anxiety meds (thank God), my sister had a baby, I moved to a new country, got a couple more tattoos, and so much more happened. 2021 thanks for the memories????
01/01/2022 02:44
✨A magical time at this magical place✨and it only took @ccdeanda 5 try’s to win me Flick♥️
12/30/2021 12:00
Some #bts gems from tonight’s episode of @shoyellowjackets on @showtime ????????????
12/26/2021 11:18

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