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11/11/2022 07:02
•SMILE ANYWAY•I know things are tough for so many right now…loss, challenge, obstacles, illness, heartbreak. That’s the time to tap into your blessings the things that lift your heart… to help you put 1 foot in front of the other…it’s the little things and In my case and many of you out there it’s the little people ????????????????our life getting us through the tough times. I just wanted to check in with you guys❤️ I know I’ve been absent but it’s what I needed. Sorry that I haven’t been able to get to everyone’s messages I’m going to get there ❤️????????????Thank you for sharing your personal stories with me. Thank you for the gifts thank you for the flowers thank you for being an inspiration to me, and most importantly thank you for the prayers! There is nothing more powerful than prayer. Love you all!!! Strength love light Blessings to you all ❤️????????????
10/02/2022 10:07
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08/22/2022 11:19
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07/27/2022 12:03
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07/24/2022 06:03
London 07/08/22
07/08/2022 03:49
Marrakech souk #marrakechsouk
06/28/2022 07:38
“It seems no matter how you characterize Fifth Avenue, the certainty is this: you can live in the city for years and never set foot on certain streets, but Fifth Avenue is not one of those. And if fortune is kind to you, you might even find yourself living on it.” – Graydon Carter and Nathan King, @MO_ResidencesFifthAvenue.A @SHVO property.#ItHappenedOnFifthAvenue #MandarinOriental #MandarinOrientalResidencesFifthAvenue #SHVO#GraydoNnCFaTrtGeUr#IDNEatha
06/10/2022 01:23
@mastermind.magazine @craigmcdeanstudio @raeboxer
05/17/2022 09:07
My baby #MiaIsis turned 10 ????#sakura#pinkonpink
05/15/2022 10:03

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