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Shikari Shraddha ????????
01/30/2023 05:26
A glimpse into all the fuss my team has to go through because I'm a giant ball of awkwardness in front of the camera Managed by @vidhyaabreddy BTS and glam by @makeupbysalonij Photos by best guy @kalyanyasaswi Hair by my constant @kammarishivarajchary Styled by @anishagandhi3 @rochelledsa Assisted by @_m.a.h.i._ @baharberii Outfit @amitgt_officialpage Accessories @karishma.joolry For @santoshamofficial awards
01/02/2023 02:19
Noses are red, violets are blue
12/29/2022 11:35
Seldom does one find the opportunity to play a character whose conscience is so unwavering, someone who can show a giant, spotless mirror to society. Playing Parvathy helped me realise my privilege. It opened my eyes to the horrors of manual scavenging. We are all somehow culpable. Thank you @deepak_negativespace for believing that i had the sensitivity to play this part. May you start a revolution. Thank you to my producers @peoplemediafactory for believing in this story. Witness now streaming on @sonylivindia . It's 9th dec SOMEWHERE in this world already. :)
12/08/2022 05:18
Witness releasing on 9th December in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi only on @sonylivindia
12/07/2022 07:01
In our country, the law states that everyone is equal and that caste oppression is a crime. And yet, 21st century’s gravest crime - manual scavenging continues to be prevalent even today, and with our participation. Watch how the lives of a conservancy worker, an architect and a labor union leader are impacted by a septic tank death. The following events tear off the masks of many respectable people; The unseen truths about metropolitan cities and the invisible corridors of power are brought to light too. #Witness coming on the 9th December to your streaming devices only on @sonylivindia . @deepak_negativespace @rohinimolleti
12/01/2022 02:17
It was my very first safari. I didn’t understand it at first, but I sensed something exciting was about to transpire as our driver sped up several notches and hit a curve on the dirt track with an intensity that only a good old gypsy and a forest veteran can handle. And there she was, around the curve, minding her own business, impervious to the human gaze - tigeress Riddhi. I thought I would experience fear, or awe. But I felt invisible. Like I didn’t exist in the eyes of this beautiful beast. Felt ignored. Maybe that’s how cats are right? They make you clamour for attention? Gosh.And the safari drivers. They slow down while they cross other vehicles and exchange bits of information about sightings. “Go this way” or “we didn’t see anything but I hope you do” or “121 was spotted here this morning” or a simple but effective “good luck”. They live and breathe it. The forest is enormous but they know it at the back of their hands. How do they even know which tiger is which? Fascinating stuff. Oh and the next morning, we saw a group of deer fleeing for their lives. Soon enough there was a tiger follow in their path. The tiger looked tired and hungry. Wonder if it’s still hungry. 3 safaris at Ranthambore and multiple sightings. Maybe it’s beginners luck but I’m going to try it everywhere now. With blessings from hon. @varun.aditya and very warm hospitality extended by @ravindra207 , my trip to Sawai Madhopur/ Ranthambore national park was just how I wished it would be. :) Can we please talk about how making reels is difficult enough but picking songs for reels is sheer torture?
11/12/2022 12:13
You don’t need a license to drive a sandwich ????????????
11/04/2022 05:15
Went to an amusement park after what felt like a a hundred years. Jolly. Went on the Mummy ride and screamed out "MUMMMYYYYY” and instantly realised the humour in it. Went for a very nice Peranakan cuisine dinner. Exquisite. Ate so much street food. Tried a bite of durian mousse too. I've now joined the anti durian forces. Went for three days of the grand prix. Unforgettable. It was hot and a lot of beer was consumed. I forgot my sunglasses back in India so I had to buy an overpriced merch cap and picked the F1 logo cap because that's as non committal as it gets. Hey, I'm here for the sport. A girl is allowed to take her time to pick a team no? I want to marry @danielricciardo though. The stories of my love for him are famous. There was beer on the rainy days too, did I mention? Speaking of the rain, the devil himself descended upon us in the form of torrential rains ooooffff. Everyone was wearing white shoes and everyone went home weeping. People were falling all over the place thanks to the slush. I WATCHED @westlife LIVE! Those who do not share my enthusiasm for Westlife can please go stand in one corner. Teenage Shraddha is beaming. I watched the Black eyed peas too but Westlife is what made me so happy. The last picture of me standing under that warning sign is so funny. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Sunscreen was worn on all the days. This is my Singapore dump. Thank you for reading this far.
10/07/2022 03:22
Something new and exciting is coming soon from Lionsgate Studios, and I'm thrilled to be a part of this experience. Thanks to the very talented @dhaimademilind for directing this lovely heart warming film. :)@lionsgateindia @dhaimademilind @neetu54 @sunsunnykhez @rohitjain_im @a_myth_25 @isha_rathnam @gayathiri_guliani @mrinalinikhanna_17 @avantikumarkanthaliya#LionsgateIndia #LionsgateIndiaStudios #NewAnnoucncement #NowInProduction #FilmAnnouncement #NeetuKapoor #SunnyKaushal #ShraddhaSrinath #MilindDhaimade
09/05/2022 05:30

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