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Winter warmers ☕️????First pic outfit tagged in my stories…My heart melts 2nd pic Finty & my Grandad.
11/07/2023 07:27
Queen Bee for a night @lilkimthequeenbee I like it here ;)..#heidihalloween2023 sometimes you just gotta drop down on the carpet ???? thanks for all the fun!!!!
11/01/2023 03:06
@sotheycan first met Kamsino and Chepoghon on their 40-kilometre round trip by foot to collect cooking oil and flour for their households.The girls explained how they had never been to school and were about to undergo female genital cutting (FGC) to prepare them for marriage. Their hair had already been put into red coils as advertisement to show they were on the market to be sold.Kamsino and Chepoghon admired the idea of attending school, but were unaware that this was option for them. Instead, their futures were mapped out for them — child marriage, early pregnancy and unpaid labour is the norm for many girls and women in their community.A couple of weeks after meeting the girls, So They Can’s local team was able to connect with their parents and discuss the risks of FGC, as well as the importance of education for girls. Following these conversations, both households decided they would not progress with their plans to cut and sell off their girls and instead, with So They Can’s support, send their girls to school for the first time ever.This International Day of the Girl Child, please join me in standing up for girls just like Kamsino and Chepoghon by advocating for their fundamental rights to education, safety and dignity.My thoughts also go out to the children of Israel and Palestine. This tragedy and their suffering is incomprehensible. #internationalgirlsday #girlsrights #endchildmarriage #educationforall
10/11/2023 10:34
The end is just the beginning ????????
10/04/2023 07:55
We out here making core memories ????
08/12/2023 09:44
The cats of Greece own the streets
08/06/2023 07:36

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