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Office dress-up in the best party dress from my latest collection. I love the attention-to-detail in the zip sleeves, cut-outs and panelling. It’s made from an amazing metallic jersey which makes it so comfortable to wear too! #VBPSS22
11/24/2021 07:56
Lucky Koi goldfish swirl across silk twill for a new take on dressing up. Undone and nonchalant. #VBPSS22
11/23/2021 08:39
A shift in attitude, a versatile wardrobe for a new way of thinking. A singular vision, marrying the sophisticated and aspirational codes of Victoria Beckham with the youthful spirit of VVB. Discover the first pieces from Victoria Beckham Pre Spring Summer 2022 now.
11/22/2021 05:00
Tomorrow: a new era for Victoria Beckham, the arrival of Pre Spring Summer 2022
11/21/2021 10:30
Spice up your life with the Ultimate VB Collection! It’s time to turn those Christmas lights on ladies! ✨???????? @victoriabeckhambeauty
11/20/2021 02:29
Mirror, the latest shade of Lid Lustre is everything! It’s such a strong, shiny silver. Perfect for those party eyes ✨✨ @victoriabeckhambeauty
11/19/2021 07:28
Nothing better than a cosy jumper on a cold bright day! I love the cord detailing on this style (it comes in navy too) x VB
11/18/2021 06:19
Winter florals. Layer delicate micro-print dresses over polo necks and pair with knee-high boots #VBAW21
11/17/2021 08:59
Meet Moody, the newest member of the Posh Lipstick family! It’s a luxurious, velvety crimson shade that’s perfect for the holiday season. I pair it with my signature smoky eye for a bold party look ✨x VB
11/16/2021 09:39
New shade of Posh alert ???? Moody is a dramatic limited-edition shade, especially for the festive season. Any guesses as to where the name came from? ????
11/16/2021 08:05

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