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D E A U V I L L E 2 0 2 1! Thank you so much @deauvilleus for hosting our European premiere of @thenovicemovie at your wonderful festival. @existentialtexan and I were so honored to share this film with French audiences. Thank you @louisvuitton, @dior and @ferragamo for dressing me this last week! Swipe all the way to the end for a video I made :) xx
09/14/2021 11:39
In love with this @louisvuitton suit from last night. @deauvilleus has been such a dream! Thank you for having our film @thenovicemovie! Can’t wait for everyone to see it :)
09/12/2021 11:57
I love you Lauren Hadaway ❤️
09/10/2021 04:14
SO EXCITING!!!! Can’t wait for everyone to see how we made this movie happen! #orphanfirstkill #orphan
09/10/2021 02:00
Beyond elated that @thenovicemovie premiered at @deauvilleus! Felt like a princess last night in this gorgeous @dior dress ❤️ and jewelry. Merci merci beaucoup!
09/09/2021 03:06
The look of love!……Or the look I give after eating a really good meal and want cuddles…. Loved rolling around in the hay gazing into @stefaniescott’s eyes ????. First clip for #TheLastThingMarySaw is here! @thelastthingmarysawmovie comes out in 2022 on @shudder! Can’t wait for you all to see this one
08/26/2021 09:21
Je vois la vie en moutarde ????????????????
08/24/2021 01:59
Oh Bonjour!
08/23/2021 12:10
If I had a bad day, I remember @madelinefuhrman would pick me up from school and she would blast music with so many bad words in it. She would then tell me to sing it all out. So, she and I would sing that song all the way home. Having a big sister like Madeline always kept me on my toes. She always inspired me to explore new things without pressure! And she always has been my greatest confidant and protector. I love her sooooo dang much! Happy Birthday to my incredible sister. No one makes me belly laugh harder than her. Grateful we can be together to celebrate her birthday ???? today❤️ and grateful that we watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie yesterday. It inspired this film hahaha!
08/21/2021 09:03
A blue little 60s moment for @thenovicemovie premiere at @outfest this eve! OBSESSED. Thank you ???? @ferragamo for such a cool dress ♥️ ????‍♀️ @sierrakener for making my hair shine like the sun and ???? by me
08/19/2021 08:20

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