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In and Out???? “Breathe” @neyo
03/29/2021 07:20
Moki and the Chocolate Factory ???? A lioness and her cub My baby is almost 1????
03/27/2021 08:15
I’m still, I’m still Jadey*** from the block????
03/26/2021 11:47
Take me I can nap???? “My Whole Life” @alinabaraz #thisfitgivesmejlovibes
03/25/2021 06:49
If I look happy, it’s because I am ???????????? #set #cheese #stepupstarz
03/23/2021 09:57
My Angel???? @rebbi.rosie
03/23/2021 01:41
@stepupseries now on @starz every Friday ???? #stepupstarz
03/21/2021 11:46
Deepening my Strength, Fine-tuning my mind, and expanding my flexibility in all areas of life✨
03/19/2021 04:01
Meet me at my trailer???? @ericbellinger “Up In It”
03/17/2021 08:15
Shea Butter Baby ???? @arilennox
03/17/2021 02:36
Sweet but Spicy???? “Make It Hot” @anitta Choreo: by me!????
03/16/2021 12:22
Happy birthday @taye_knight From babies to women...Taye you have been a rock for me even when I didn’t know it. The love, passion, intelligence, power, strength, humor, and joy you exude constantly keeps me in awe of you. You’re my best friend and the sister I never had. I love you more each day even if we are stuck in an apt together for months or worlds away. Miss you my moon sis and wish I could be with you to celebrate 22 years of life that I’m certainly blessed to be a part’re beyond special, beyond important, you are irreplaceable???? Ps this song was called Moonrise and it made me think of you!
03/12/2021 11:52

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