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Praying so hard for our kind, talented, gorgeous @nayarivera to return home safely. #bringnayaback Refusing to assume the worst and keeping positivity and love in my heart. We love you.
07/09/2020 07:18
Born to Provoke @pumawomen @puma New Provoke XT’s
07/07/2020 08:17
So I actually choreographed this before COVID hit....I was going to teach this in Greece. I love dance. I Love to spread joy. I love people and life. And I hope you can see that and feel love today ???? Choreo: me! Song: Loveee Song remix Shoes: @pumawomen for Pride
07/05/2020 12:27
????One Way???? Choreo: myself Danced: with the baby boy @zaccmilne Song: “One Way” @6lack @fairplaydancecamp
07/03/2020 03:12
Maybe pink is my color???????????????? #yummyvideo #wig
07/01/2020 11:34
For some White people, it can be hard to imagine that your neighbor, coworker, or friend of color is living a completely different experience simply by virtue of their race. I will never know what my friends go through on a daily basis , but here I’m using my voice, platform, and my art form to be an ally. I will never stop helping to break the chains of racism. Choreography by the amazingly strong and beautiful @thealiyajanell and @jojogomezxo Filmed by: @rudeboydonovan @directedbyjon @beyonce 's and @kendricklamar ’s message in this song “Freedom” is meant to inspire : Change requires taking a strong stance, encouraging action, and discouraging systematic racism . Best take away line, in my opinion is “I'ma keep running/... cause a winner don’t quit on themselves”
06/30/2020 10:58
Moki and Me
06/30/2020 05:41
So this week marks a change up for Sunday’s posts. A few of you may have been wondering why there hasn’t been self love Sunday and that’s because it’s time for a new chapter. - Sunday’s will now be titled #SpreadLove where I will honor people, places, businesses and movements that emulate the positive qualities that I find admirable. - For my first week I’m highlighting a very special person and great friend of mine @seanlew - Sean is the epitome of talent, genuine character and a huge heart. If you don’t already follow Sean, you absolutely should. - Sean, I love and appreciate you. Thank you for always inspiring me to be better in all facets of life
06/29/2020 04:07
06/28/2020 02:21
Spreading some fun on your timeline???? @samholmbbberg miss you more
06/27/2020 08:14
So in honor of my @pumawomen story take over and letting you all decide my day....I’m reposting my Choreo to Make it Hot!!!! Hope to spice up your feed! Choreo: @jadebug98 Danced: @samholmbbberg @jadebug98 @nataliegardnerdance Song: “Make It Hot” @anitta Filmed: @timmilgram
06/26/2020 01:01
Guys! I will be taking over @pumawomen ‘s Instagram story tomorrow starting at 9am PST! I’m letting YOU “Choose My Day” via story polls, so let’s have some fun!???? Sporting the new #ProvokeXT
06/24/2020 10:58