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“Mom stoooop ur embarrassing me!!!”
07/23/2021 10:21
Bang bang
07/19/2021 10:30
do you have to play rugby to wear a rugby shirt ?
06/28/2021 10:46
06/21/2021 07:12
I love you, pops. Thank you for making both childhood and adulthood feel like the ultimate adventure, and reminding me to keep curious, blast music loud and to savor that last bite of pie because life’s a hell of a lot sweeter when you do. My best friend. Happy Father’s Day, pops!!????
06/20/2021 06:24
It’s Emmy season!! Portraying a character as strong and resilient as Grace was a pleasure and working alongside other artists as passionate as the Big Sky Crew is something I will forever be grateful for. #BigSky #FYC
06/18/2021 12:56
hi, hello and g’day
05/28/2021 08:31
Took some time off to live a little life, and process it before getting back on here. Less time on social media and more time connecting with myself and others. I wanted to pop back on here and tell you that I genuinely hope you are doing well. I hope you are enjoying your life as you live it, and making life a hell of a lot more joyful for others around you. We’re all experiencing this wild life together, and there’s nothing like making another feel just a little bit better, a little more loved. I love you and I’m thinking of you????
05/27/2021 08:54
things are looking up:)
05/11/2021 11:14
My best friend, the coolest person I know, and a shining example of what it means to be a truly good person. You are so loved. Today and everyday, I celebrate you and your wildly beautiful, ever expanding, passionate, bright and shiny, effervescent spirit. To the moon and back????
05/09/2021 06:29

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