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This Starbucks holds so many memories for me. It was part of a beginning. Walking past it never fails to ignite a blazing fire of gratitude deep within. ???? #grateful
10/17/2021 12:18
Current mood… #tbt #captionthis
10/14/2021 08:20
#friday ????
10/09/2021 04:32
#TBT ???? ????
09/30/2021 08:34
I fully support this strike. I have seen, firsthand, the lack of respect and ill treatment of our crews. Change needs to happen. You have my love and full support. Always. #istandwithiatse #iasolidarity
09/22/2021 02:43
#TBT to long hair and a side dish of @emiliepereira ???????? (Emilie, come visit me I miss you!!!!)
09/16/2021 03:24
Some quiet reflection this morning. Sending love inward and outward and all around. #september11 ♥️
09/11/2021 03:43
#FBF this beautiful human is getting hitched tomorrow. Can’t believe my sweet @laurenrodriguezny is all growed up! M’lady, I could not be more excited for you and your darling Kevin. I’m beyond happy you’ve found your person. He’s the luckiest man alive (and he knows it!) I wish you both all the blessings and then some. Love you to the moon, around the sun, and back. ???? #mibebe #miamor #cornkernel ????
09/03/2021 08:34
I stand in solidarity. I stand for reproductive freedom. Please visit the link in my bio. #BansOffOurBodies #SB8
09/01/2021 09:18
Ahh…back to when I was a blonde with black eyebrows. ???? #Blindspot #Wig #Undercover
08/23/2021 03:32

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