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The rampant tidal wave of ignorance, hate snd fear mongering is continuing to rise and wash over the important work of trans activists world wide who are simply fighting for their basic human rights. We can only combat this with knowledge and specificity. Both of which will be gained by this important, thorough and excellently written book by the legendary @shon.faye Buy it. Share it. Support her work. She is a fearless leader in this conversation. ❤️ Available September. Get your Pre orders on!
07/23/2021 08:17
So James made the most beautiful song in the world. About something so important that people need to hear. It’s about FOMO and our culture of never encouraging people to be satisfied with/grateful for what we have because we just drive them to want more, whatever other people have. I love it so much: the video is hilarious. He’s hilarious. Finneas is hilarious in it. Go watch “Say What You Will” by @jamesblake now!
07/23/2021 02:59
They keep interrupting the news about how devastated our planet is, and how many people are dying because of it, to tell us about this bullshit. READ THE ROOM GUYS. I hope they race to see which one can actually pay their fucking taxes next. Now that I would watch.
07/21/2021 01:36
SMASH THE FUCKING PATRIARCHY AND BURN IT TO THE GROUND ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Pic and tweet Via Amalieskram on Twitter.
07/18/2021 11:24
This is in so called progressive and tolerant New York’s epicenter, Times Square… This is a blatantly fat phobic and also quite ableist ad. It bothers me to no end that we are still yet to recognize cruelty and offense to fat people as hate speech. It is still open season on fat bodies. With most of America being fat, this amazes me, how many people’s mental health we are this reckless with, under the pretense of caring about their physical health. We all know how deeply intertwined mental and physical health. It is hard to have one without the other. What is being achieved? America could win an Olympic Gold Medal in egregious mainstream shaming and abuse of fat people. This has been going on since the 80s. All we have seen is the national weight rise, so after 4 FUCKING DECADES can we accept that bullying doesn’t encourage anyone to change? Fat people are not automatically Lazy and unhealthy. Thin people are not automatically active and healthy. I was anorexic for 20 years because of adverts like these, and messaging like this, and I didn’t eat a meal for the majority of those two decades. Do you think I had the energy to do anything? I couldn’t exercise, I couldn’t clean, I often couldn’t even brush my hair/teeth. You know who is super active? People like @lizzobeeating and her extremely athletic dancers, and people like yoga instructor @mynameisjessamyn both bigger than I have ever been, and both healthier and more active and full of life than I have ever been; or likely ever can be because of how much I damaged my body from anorexia. You do not know someone’s health or personality from their size. To categorize, stereotype and discriminate against people because of their appearance, is a form of bigotry… and we cannot just always leave it to fat people to advocate for themselves for fucks sake. Every time I even mention a fat person, and talk about their beauty, style or talent, my comments become so horrendous I have to turn them off. Can you imagine what happens on their personal pages and in their DMs. We have to be louder about this because it harms everyone. Fatphobia is steeped in racism, ableism and classism. Show up against it.
07/17/2021 08:32
GAH!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING??? Hands down the silliest video I’ve ever made. I’m so excited! ???? #marvel #mcu #shehulk ????????????????????????????????????????
07/16/2021 08:32
Soz we forgot to put the money towards saving the world now. And soz the poorest people in the world will continue to be impacted the worst by climate change til we can go. They were never gonna be able to afford to come anyway. Nobody attacked “SPACE” we attacked the billionaires desperately trying to go to space to figure out their back up plan rather than funding saving the earth. I don’t care for the “what about the future of our species?” Conversation much. I care more about the human beings alive now.
07/14/2021 03:06
Off to the shops anyone need anything?
07/12/2021 07:40
All of that progress. All of that love and pride and unity, all to end in racism and abuse. That’s how we will now remember this final. Not as the extraordinary victory of such a brilliant England team for even making it to the final, but as the lowlife vitriol of football fans. They are attacking Italian fans, abusing Black people in the street and domestic abuse is predicted to rise by 38 percent if England loses. What is this? Why do they never learn? What punishment has to happen for them to learn? Does England have to be banned everywhere because it’s fans STILL don’t know how to behave? We best see every white player in the entire country condemn the racist behavior of their fans. Send your love to @bukayosaka87 @marcusrashford @sanchooo10 And @sterling7 to try to drown out the bullshit they are facing for just being Black. This is mortifying.
07/12/2021 04:06
???? @parsons
07/10/2021 06:54

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