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Waiting for 1st May like ???????????????? Please register to get vaccinated ???? link in bio!!
04/28/2021 11:30
आज जाने की ज़िद ना करो ???? @khushmag Editor-in-chief: @sonia_ullah Wardrobe: @abhinavmishra_ Jewellery: @akmmehrasonsjewellers Photographer: @nishanth.radhakrishnan Creative Director: @Mannisahota Styling: @vikas_r @tanishqmalhotraa Assisted by: @tanyaasachdevaaa Makeup: @rivieralynn Hair: @mikedesir Set Coordinator: @shekhawat.rajeshsingh PR Agency : @hypenq_pr
04/24/2021 05:26
In these trying times, I know it’s important to be sensitive to the troubles we as a country are facing & I would never want to be inconsiderate towards that. This cover, however, and the subsequent posts of it had been committed to a while back and were shot before lockdown. We were as safe and precautious as possible. I hope all of you are staying safe and strong! Love always. @khushmag Editor-in-chief: @sonia_ullah Wardrobe: @abhinavmishra_ Jewellery: @akmmehrasonsjewellers Photographer: @nishanth.radhakrishnan at @featartists Creative Director: @Mannisahota Styling: @vikas_r @tanishqmalhotraa Assisted by: @tanyaasachdevaaa Makeup: @rivieralynn at @animacreatives Hair: @mikedesir at @animacreatives Set Coordinator: @shekhawat.rajeshsingh PR Agency: @hypenq_pr
04/23/2021 02:15
???? ❤️ I’m sorry for every time I didn’t value what you’ve given us. I’m sorry for every second I wasted forgetting to marvel at your beauty, for thinking you’d continue to envelope us with sunsets that melt into sunrises that we’d always have access to. Sorry for being callous about the gift to roam freely on this land and travel the skies and seas to discover newer possibilities and life and love. Sorry for thinking you’d never run out of patience waiting for us to care for you the way you’ve cared for us. For ignoring the tears you shed every time you watched us abuse ourselves, each other, and you- our home. I hope we earn back the right to roam freely, wander with abandon. Earn back the luxury to share our thoughts, our voices, our dreams and to realise them - in a tangible realm. The luxury to breathe the same air without suspecting it of a disease that might take our life. But in the midst of this lesson that I know you’re teaching us; that I hope we’re close to having finally learnt- I learnt to live more freely and wholly than I ever have before. And I pray we make it through this, not just for me or the people of my country, or the world, but for the chance to make it up to you. To treat you better than we have before, to treat each other and ourselves better than we have before. To be a renewed earth. One who’s beauty and life is only growing, never threatened. #happyearthday ????
04/22/2021 03:01
#FilmfareOnReels @filmfare @jiteshpillaai @rahulgangs_
04/20/2021 09:44
kisses from the sun ????????
04/19/2021 12:40
Missing the Filmfare stage so the poolside will have to do for now ???????? #FilmfareOnReels @filmfare @jiteshpillaai @rahulgangs_
04/19/2021 08:40
04/18/2021 12:40
I really wish we were cooler than this but ????????☹️
04/16/2021 07:42
Still feels like yesterday ????
04/13/2021 04:57
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04/13/2021 08:47
Island girl ????????
04/09/2021 03:53

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