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The legendary Olivia de Havilland passed away yesterday. She was 104. Olivia made a powerful impact in my life and I had the pleasure to spend some time with her in Paris. I thanked her for her bravery and shared how her choices affected me and my brother and gave us opportunities to fight for our creative freedom. She was a class act. I still have the kind and thoughtful letters she wrote me in longhand on beautiful blue stationery. They were of another era. Here’s an excerpt from an interview I did some time ago... We discovered that, despite having sold millions of records, not only were we not going to get paid a penny by our record company, but we were also millions and millions of dollars in debt. We educated ourselves and found out that in California there's a specific labor law which states that you can't be bound to a contract for more than seven years. At that time we were signed for nine years. So we used that labor law as a major source of leverage in our battle. It is called the De Havilland Law and was put into place thanks to the bravery of Olivia De Havilland in the 1940s. I ended up meeting with her in Paris, and we had a wonderful time together. I got to thank her for fighting the system back then so I could battle it now. It was amazing to meet her – she's a legend. We made a movie about our fight, it’s called Artifact.
07/26/2020 09:37
Miss you ???? Watching the sunset last summer halfway around the world on one of the best tours of our lives. So grateful. ???? What a wild world ???? Can’t wait to see you all again. Where should our first show be after this madness ends? I see a lot of countries raising their hand below...winner takes all!
07/23/2020 08:20
Requiem ???? Seen it? This experienced changed my life. Hard to put it into words but I will forever be grateful for the poetry of Hubert Selby and the genius of my good friend @darrenaronofsky. The stories we could tell... Ps. I remember this exact moment like it was yesterday. Darren and Matty and I all crammed into a taxi and stole this shot as a pick up at the very end of shooting. I had started to gain weight again and was feeling excited about wrapping up when Darren called and said I need you to have an emotional breakdown in the back of a car. ???????? Incredible how time flies. Let’s enjoy it while we can. ????????????
07/21/2020 09:11
Legend ????????‍???? He inspired me in so many ways. So thankful for his music, his acting, his art. ❤️ What’s your fav Bowie track / look?
07/19/2020 08:59
Congrats to my brilliant friend and brother from another mother @alessandro_michele who put together a visionary show today. He took advantage of this challenging time around the world by using it as an opportunity to create a beautifully layered film that showcases the @gucci family who are often behind the scenes helping to make it all possible. He calls it #gucciepilogue and there’s so much more story to be told.
07/18/2020 06:32
Excited to launch our limited edition #FreeSolo collection - 100% of profits go to @honnoldfoundation & @partnersinhealth ???????? #LINKINBIO @alexhonnold @jimmychin
07/16/2020 04:41
Talking about #Freesolo
07/16/2020 01:22
07/16/2020 01:05
Join us for the next #JaredLetoCinemaClub tomorrow with a viewing party of @freesolofilm for the 3 year anniversary of @alexhonnold’s free solo of El Cap. Tweetalong & Instagram Live post show with @alexhonnold & @jimmychin ????????‍♂️ Press play @ 1PM PT: @hulu & @disneyplus
07/14/2020 09:56
✌????????happy Sunday
07/12/2020 08:48
What are you reading this summer? ????????????
07/10/2020 08:21
Have you seen this? 38 years ago this film was released - it’s sparked my imagination and changed my life. Happy anniversary to the one and only TRON!
07/10/2020 08:22