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Kimberly Potter didn’t make a “mistake.” A mistake is an accidental error, without malicious intent. When a police officer profiles a civilian, then takes their life - it’s not just a ‘mistake,’ it is fundamentally malicious. Daunte Wright’s death was a fatal TRAGEDY - another horrifying MURDER by the very people who we expect to keep us safe from harm. I am filled with frustration and rage. It’s unbelievable to wake up to the news of another Black life taken. Another family left in dismay and pain. Do not get caught in a cycle of inaction. This graphic on the next slide by @ohhappydani has been on my mind the past few days because it reminds me of how to go about the work of turning knowledge and emotion into action and change. If you call yourself an ally, we must continue to forge a path of justice, accountability, and compassion for all ????
04/14/2021 04:51
Some people will tell you that to be “fearless”, you’ve got to forget your fears. I disagree. I think you’ve gotta be aware of your fears. Admit you have them, be willing to make mistakes, and embrace struggle. Looking back, I’m most proud of myself when I faced my own fears, and felt good about who I am in my process. Proud to join @Olay Body and share how I feel fearless in my skin. #ad #olaypartner #fearlessinmyskin Tell me, Mai fam, what was the last fear YOU faced in your life?????
04/11/2021 05:38
I got my first bike when I was 7 years old. And we only had enough money for one, so I had to share it by riding my lil brother on the handlebars. As a kid, and still today, I never feel more free than racing the wind with my will. This past weekend @streetdreamzfoundation and @tonyrobbins gifted 1000 bikes to inner city youth here in Atlanta. Honored to witness the look of pure joy in these kids❤️ Thank you for this day President of CAU Dr. George French, @KeishaBottoms @stewartpoet @senatoranderson43 @berniceaking American Civil Rights leader and founder of @fatherless_daughters__ Xernona Clayton, City Counselor @andre4atlanta @ambassadorandrewyoung & my husband, @Jeezy ????????‍♂️????????‍♀️
04/10/2021 03:00
???? ????: Lovely @madisoncalley
04/08/2021 02:15
You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me ????
04/07/2021 04:17
You will forever be my “I Do.” ????Mrs. Jeannie Mai Jenkins
04/02/2021 02:21
03/28/2021 01:31
The pain makes it hard to process. Learning to unlearn certain habits while growing up Asian American, and find ways to process my emotions with my friend and psychologist Dr. Jenny Wang, @asiansformentalhealth . This week we check in on each other, unpack the model minority myth, and discuss where to go from here. All my love to the AAPI community and those who have shown such love and support ❤️ #ListenHunnay podcast link in bio
03/24/2021 07:57
As we were doing this interview on why we must unite to fight hate, the AAPI community and #NAACP joined forces in ATL today. I am moved to tears seeing the multitude of people from all different backgrounds gather to demand change. This is just the beginning. @IMajorWish thank you for this beautiful photo and @georgia_NAACP & @NAACP I STAND WITH YOU. @AlexWittnews thank you for covering our news and so much love to @margaret_cho and @A3pcon Manjusha Kulkarni
03/21/2021 06:37
America has a history of ignoring the pleas and cries of people of color. Ignoring racism in America allows racist ideas to become murder and tragedy. How many more lives will it take and what ethnic group is next ??? @msnbc @alisonmorrisnow #StopAsianHate
03/20/2021 04:46
@DanielDaeKim, with these words you summarized all the emotions clashing under my skin. ???? #ProudAsianAmerican #stopasianhate
03/19/2021 05:39
Are we surprised? Did we really not see this coming? For the past year, Asian Americans have tweeted, posted, and cried out for help. They’ve posted video after video of their elders being beaten to death, or slashed open with a boxcutter, or attacked with acid thrown in the face or lit on fire. AND NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. Violent attacks against people of the AAPI community have gone up 150% since 2020, 68% of them being Asian women. Did we not think this was going to happen when a president in office spews irresponsible rhetoric that put a target on the backs of the AAPI community? No. Because now they’re justifying a white shooter who murders 8 people, 6 of them being Asian women, because he was a “sex addict” who was “having a bad day.” I am enraged. This coward blamed a specific race for his problems. He sought out Asian women. He murdered them. THIS WAS A HATE CRIME AGAINST ASIAN WOMEN. Call it what it is. America, we saw this coming. When people say they need help, believe them. #StopAsianHate
03/18/2021 12:57

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